Prediction of the lighting industry in 2014 ten trends of la

1, the lighting industry in 2014 continued to pick up market in 2013 will be warmer.

The regulation of real estate policy in recent years not only caused great pressure on the real estate itself, but also have a certain impact on the property downstream of the lighting industry. 2013, from PHILPS, as well as some NVC lighting manufacturers survey, overall sales than in previous years has not improved, is expected in 2014 will continue to maintain the market rebound.

One is the continued growth thanks to China’s overall economy, with GDP growth in 2014 compared with the previous year decreased slightly, but will remain at 7-7.5% growth, sustained and steady economic growth will lead to reduction of urban residents per capita disposable income increase and the Engel coefficient of urban residents, to pull the lighting industry will stimulate consumption positive;

The two is due to the city process, the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee that will continue to promote the reform of urbanization rate in 2012, China town was 52.7%, the average level is not only lower than the nearly 80% in developed countries, some developing countries are less than about 60% and China’s stage of development similar to the average level, the future urbanization will be the new urbanization, its core mission is “strategic role” to expand domestic demand, is also an important factor driving, including lighting industry growth;

The three is a huge market just, 2014 coincides with the traditional “double spring and leap month” marriage good year, according to statistics, the number of marriages should be 16 million -1800 million, a huge demand for wedding room decoration lighting will also increase;

Four is this year from the 98 years since the housing reform has been implemented for 15 years, a large number of the housing reform have ushered in the wards or replacing the small peak, so in 2014, the lighting industry Jiezhuang industry will usher in a new wave of growth;

The five is the real estate market will also be compared with the previous two years active, a real estate property tax will promote second-hand housing transactions rose to close at hand, on the other hand, in the three or four quarter of 2013 a second tier market land transactions rose in 2014, there will be a large number of new sites open, improve the supply and demand and ease the pressure on housing prices rose.

From the above aspects, 2014 for lighting industry, will be optimistic about the market growth in the year.

2, the transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters.

Lighting industry cluster including Guangdong Zhongshan, Fujian Xianyou, Jiangxi Nankang, located in quietly completed its own transformation, simple to produce and wholesale or export mode of operation of enterprises will be more difficult to develop, the local government participation and leading the regional industrial economy must upgrade from the extensive production of the original on the one hand, to support some excellent corporate brand operation, on the other hand, the establishment of e-commerce platform and other measures to turn the company to the front end of the market, it will also be a notable attraction in 2014.

3, brand enterprises will increase market promotion and promotion.

Some enterprises in the market is to increase efforts to promote good background, increase sales and market share, some enterprises are back out, in the fierce competition in the market in order to survive, in order to hold the position, but also some enterprises is to accelerate the expansion of the network, no matter what the reason, lighting enterprises will increase in the promotion and promotional efforts and the frequency of admiral, 2014 for lighting enterprises, market competition will be more intense.

4, there will be more brands to participate in the two or three line of the market beachhead placeholder.

In recent years, with the level of market lighting intense competition and rents and labor costs increased year by year, more and more brands began to sink channels, the two or three line market as their development goals. Sichuan lighting enterprise with all friends, and has represented a pearl in the palm of Shuanghu through years of market operation of the layout in the two or three line of the market, Gu also accelerated the three line market occupying, Macalline, home to speed up the layout of the city and county level developed. In 2014, the lighting industry to accelerate the channel sink is an important trend of development.

5, the brand in the fierce market competition to accelerate the progress of washing.

Competition is inevitable, always adhere to honesty, quality, innovation, true lighting brands will survive in market opportunities everywhere in mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. From the development of the industry cycle, the lighting industry is still in the growth stage, with “big industry, small businesses, low market concentration, light heavy selling brand” and other characteristics of the industry, standardize the integration of industry is the inevitable process of the development of the industry, lighting industry will accelerate the industry reshuffle, the real strength of the enterprises not only can to survive, but also accelerate the development of. This phase lasts at least five to ten years, a number of weak strength, poor management of the enterprises will gradually withdraw. Especially in lighting segments, brand differentiation will be more and more obvious.

6, alliance promotion is also still is an important form of promotion.

Due to the lack of the ability to set off a single brand, in 2014, both the promotion of brand alliance organized by the brand lighting store organization, or by the media or professional organization will also be an important form of lighting for the promotion, but the organization will be more innovative and real promotion efforts.

7, there will be more enterprises to the electricity supplier channels, there will be a large number of original electricity providers to do business exit.

On the one hand, the electricity supplier is a new mode of lighting marketing, with the rapid development of electronic commerce and enterprise performance in 2013 Home Furnishing business performance, in 2014 there will be more lighting enterprises to try electricity supplier channels, but how to balance the contradiction between the impact of online and offline and online price disorderly management of the store will be urgent to solve the problem; at the same time, due to the lack of electric operation experience, coupled with the logistics, installation, customer service and other aspects of the loss of function, there will be a large number of original lighting electricity companies exit.

8, customization will become a means of service for many enterprises launched.

Consumer demand for personalized spawned many lighting companies “customized”, some enterprises even played the concept of “full house custom”. Although the custom can meet the lighting space difference and the individuality of a user needs to use the difference, but for the lighting production enterprises, custom road is not where you go, the ordinary production enterprise transformation customization or increase customization projects, the need to strengthen the professional team with custom (including production, design, scale and consulting positions) and strengthen professional team consciousness. The team combat experience and decided to develop a customized enterprise, so each enterprise should weigh their own ability, whether to support the professional customized to meet the individual needs of consumers, but whether it is really have the ability to promote customization or as some enterprises a publicity stunt, in 2014, will become a focus of many customized lighting business speculation the.

9, strong expansion of large Home Furnishing stores the impact on regional original lighting stores.

Oriental home five stores closed, EASYHOME President Wang Linpeng announced the beginning of 2014 is still the leading brand of Home Furnishing stores actually home expansion, in addition to continue to expand the market, will be more roots in the capital market, the newly opened four new stores. The newly opened shop in Guanzhuang, Star shop and a pretty house lighting North five shop, are incorporated Oriental homes after the closure of the old store, and the store will be settled in Daxing is actually home in the suburbs of Beijing established status. EASYHOME 2014 plans to open 25. Redstar also accelerated the shop to the market of the two or three speed, so, in 2014, Home Furnishing for large chain stores, is a rare expansion of years, accelerate market expansion occupying, accompanied by the large Home Furnishing chain store expansion, the original area of Home Furnishing stores will have a great impact, the lighting industry channel integration and terminal integration has intensified.

10, environmental protection lighting market share will increase.

“Environmental protection” in 2014 will be the lighting market trend. China’s lighting is a rapid growth, huge market potential, market sales have accounted for half of the country lighting industry. Lighting includes fabric lighting and lighting. Lighting for environmental protection, durable advantages in the market share is growing, has gradually become a trend of consumption. Cloth lamp lighting with rich color, soft and comfortable, personalized by more and more consumers recognized, in 2014, the lighting will be a step on the new height of development.

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