Parquet flooring, new changes in the flooring market

In recent years, the strengthening of the composite floor has been a low-cost image of the vast number of decoration family love, once ranked firmly in the floor market hegemony. And now, this has been the glory of the past. “Nearly two years to strengthen the status of the floor, has been from the” boss “fell to the” second child “now, instead of a solid wood and laminate flooring to focus on a solid wood composite floor.” A personage inside course of study expresses recently.

Laminate flooring manufacturers: annual sales decline of about 35% of a floor brand responsible person said, “to strengthen the floor height, our annual sales volume reached 100 thousand square meters, and now the sales only reached fifty thousand or sixty thousand square meters, the average decline of about 35%.” A recent survey further confirms this. The survey report shows that in the survey 36.6% of the owners choose to buy solid wood flooring; 38% of the owners to choose the purchase price in 200-300 yuan \/ square meters of wood flooring, only 21.8% of the owners choose to buy the floor. In addition, 55.6% of the owners said that they are most important is the floor of the environmental protection and price, maintenance difficulty is not in their key areas of consideration.

Dealers: profit margins become tasteless, agents enthusiasm to cool down, it is understood that the floor dealers, operating solid wood flooring much more complex than the composite floor. In this regard, the industry sources, “although the price of solid wood floors relatively high, but relative to the composite floor, more profit margins, dealers prefer to invest in larger wood floors.”.” Flooring dealers sigh of life is not so easy, the floor for many years Mr. Zhou told the editor reluctantly said: “a few years ago, the floor of the market situation is good to earn some money, but in the last two years the floor more and more brands, brand competition has become more and more fierce. Especially the floor, prices more transparent, 5 yuan, 10 yuan \/ square meters net profit is already an open secret in the industry.” Consumers: to price more environmental protection tendency of wood flooring dealers are not optimistic about the strengthening part of the floor is only its market share decline, a new category of parquet menacing, is the cause of most. The personage inside course of study expresses, solid wood floor is used commonly, home decorates a lot of, compound floor is used at the project at first decorate. But because the price of solid wood flooring has soared, strengthening the floor has advantages, but the disadvantage is also obvious, some consumers began to focus on the price and environmental protection are good solid wood flooring.

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