Paint enterprises need to find a new breakthrough in the management model

[] on the market a variety of promotional activities emerge in an endless stream marketing promotions, paint is a year playing to the end of the year. Promotions throughout the year, consumers have long been tired of these “ old-fashioned ” route. The paint industry market is still in the traditional business model, and such a model is no advantage for enterprises.
Paint enterprises need to find a new breakthrough in the management model
Too frequent promotions, now has become one of the most obvious problems for the paint industry, because of the pressure of competition in the industry, many paint companies and distributors are eager to paint products successfully sold through a number of activities, so that the latter can better into the new R & D and production. Especially at the end of the year, some paint merchants impulse to do great promotions. However, frequent promotions have made many consumers feel like “ aesthetic fatigue ” paint companies need to find new breakthroughs in the business model.
Coating enterprises should grasp fine management and make new development strategy
Some coatings enterprises have begun to adopt a positive attitude for self adjustment, and continue to implement brand strategy upgrading, and seek new market breakthroughs. Coating enterprises should constantly self reflection, adjustment and transformation, and use a positive attitude to seek breakthroughs in operating conditions.
In fact, the fine operation of coating enterprises is not only conducive to the development of enterprises themselves, but also to the benign operation of the industry. Coating enterprises should seize this opportunity for development, for this year’s development of the status of summing up, analysis, reflect on themselves, so as to formulate a new development strategy, adjust its own development model. For fine management, paint companies need more efforts, continue to accelerate its pace to keep up with the development needs of the times, to meet consumer preferences, to meet the market demand, further development for enterprises to make adequate preparations for the follow-up.
Coatings enterprises should work hard on design, technology and innovation
In recent years, the rapid development of coating enterprises, so that enterprises can be confident, ignoring self-examination, did not find their own market position. Until recent years, the increasingly fierce market competition, a sharp increase in the number of enterprises, market share continues to decline, a series of problems have emerged: &ldquo ” homogeneity; serious phenomenon, single channel and so on, it is a lot of problems. So in front of people exposed and the big market background, paint companies when thinking of introspection, constantly sum up experience, do market research, design, technology, innovation and more efforts to solve business problems exposed.
The self perfection of coating enterprises can not be accomplished overnight
&ldquo: the former market positioning of coatings enterprises is only high-grade, mid grade and low-grade. This extensive positioning will gradually lose the advantage in the competition. ” insiders said that the paint industry as well as the entire Chinese manufacturing industry is now facing a transformation, if not take advantage of this opportunity to transition, or as extensive as in the past, the road is very dangerous. The sanitary industry in the overall state of extensive management, and the many coatings enterprises over the years engaged in projects and scale, while ignoring the self adjustment and management have a great relationship, and thus the &ldquo &rdquo fell;. The self perfection of coating enterprises is a long-term construction system, and it can not be accomplished overnight.

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