Paint can focus on some aspects, and gradually open up a new phase of change

Nowadays, the market environment of coatings is far different from that of the past. As far as the coating industry is concerned, it is difficult for enterprises to face the vagaries of market structure in the process of development. In this regard, paint companies need to adjust their own direction of development in accordance with their changes, breaking the shackles of old thinking, so that it is possible to transition successfully.
Paint industry structure will accelerate change
2014 was a year of comprehensive and deep reform in China’s economy, politics and society. 2014 is also a crucial year for China’s manufacturing sector.
On the one hand, with the national manufacturing industry to actively promote energy-saving emission reduction, Home Furnishing industry set off “ green ” revolution, paint companies will naturally faced with upgrading the production process; on the other hand, the development of Internet penetration, thinking of information technology, the traditional enterprise facing multi-faceted enterprise management mode, marketing mode, production technology in addition, upgrading; paint enterprises in recent years led by Optima on the road of financing. All this bodes well for a change in the industry’s competitive landscape in the future.
Paint enterprise transformation Youdao
Whether it is large or small and medium enterprises, want to break their own limitations, and through change, change, and better way to enable enterprises to enter a new level, it is through the following ways: first, to explore new business model, the integration of enterprise resource optimization. For example, the rapid development of the Internet era brings the electricity supplier surging, paint enterprises sales channels usher in a new turn. Two, in the original coating products unit extension, change the enterprise product structure, to diversified industry direction, so as to expand market share. Three, develop new technologies and develop new functional coatings products.
Enterprises can focus on starting from some aspects, and gradually open a new situation in change
Whether it is to explore a new business model, or the development of new technology, paint companies must have sufficient funds for support, and the new product to quickly open the market if it is to need to have the backing of powerful brand influence. Therefore, in 2015, paint enterprises only in environmental protection, production, Internet reform, integration of resources and other aspects of escalating, can go steadily, farther and farther. Coating enterprises can combine their own development, focusing on starting from a certain aspect, and gradually open a new situation of change.
In short, the survival of the fittest in the market environment, the enterprise must paint overall, break the old thinking, so that enterprises can play.

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