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2015 is coming to an end, and the end of the year is also a big promotion for all kinds of businesses, so it is a topic that people pay close attention to. For the New Year decoration problems have always been some people think that the Different people, different views., is not an ideal decoration season, of course, some people think that new year decoration benefits are loaded or not loaded has been a problem to many owners.

A new year decoration, the market Jiaore

Near the end of the year, home improvement, building materials brands have launched various promotional activities, offers unprecedented intensity, on the other hand, consumers take advantage of this favorable wave tide, rushed at the end of the year selected decoration company, selection of materials, to the end of the home market of “ the high popularity of ” and “ high volume ”.

It is understood that the majority of brand Jiezhuang enterprises in December to develop “ 2014 year renovation of the housing model plan, ” commitment to consumers at the lowest price at the end of the project, to reserve quota of 2014 the model room decoration co.. But there are many brands Jiezhuang enterprises housing projects, mainly for the area more than 100 square meters in the large-sized apartment, there are some Jiezhuang companies will end promotions and sales material “ &rdquo binding; marketing, implementation and building materials companies win-win.

Most consumers also changed the previous concept of winter decoration, have the initiative on the end of the year. According to the survey, consumers chose to decorate at the end of the year, is worried that prices will rise after the year. For now, artificial prices, prices are rising, although the price of the Spring Festival should not be too much change, but the next 2, March price increases is an inevitable trend of the industry. In addition to months after the Spring Festival is the decoration of the golden season, any company will hold the peak, although some will play the beautiful nature of price discount gimmick, but not down. Therefore, worried about decoration prices after the year, but also an important reason for cross – year decoration hot.

Two, cross year renovation of those worried things

Before the Spring Festival is the decoration season, the owners hope to try to live in new houses in the new year, when the decoration company will be busy. The Spring Festival is approaching, the workers to go home early, in a hurry to catch the project, may make the effect relatively rough; middle period of downtime, dragged on too long; and low temperatures, some process is not up to the ideal state, will inevitably affect the quality of decoration. Cross year decoration, therefore, has become particularly worrying.

Before and after the Spring Festival coincides with the winter climate change, cold, larger temperature difference between day and night, in the construction of thermal expansion coefficient, resulting in difficulty in the construction, it is very difficult to guarantee the quality of decoration decoration engineering. Often years before the cold weather, prone to freeze dry phenomenon, paint, tile process may be in place, and the spring temperatures rise, will appear crack and fall off. Again, if the paste tile cement mortar does not dry up, people will be Konggu tiles stampede, etc.. Plus decoration workers eager to go home for the new year, do not rule out some workers will catch up with the project, so that the quality of the future Jiezhuang will also have an impact.

In addition, the span of the year decoration generally longer than normal construction period of 20 days or so, many owners feel that the duration of the project dragged too long, resulting in their own rent and other aspects of the cost of more. And during the festival, the construction site due to the unattended, it is prone to accidents, so the owners have to worry about the site, comparison.

Compared with other time periods, there is a huge risk of cross annual renovation. During the Spring Festival, some of the less formal decoration companies or road guerrillas for the benefit of many of the activities received, the project management may be a problem. Moreover, after the festival returns, some people who have been renovated again are busy. But if you hit a master, change people, designers and job hopping, it is very annoying. In particular, some unscrupulous enterprises, but also in a variety of excuses to sweep away part of the project after the play evaporated, so that the owners suffered huge economic losses, but no place to complain.

Three, cross year decoration temptation

Although there are many shortcomings and risks in cross – year decoration, there are many advantages at the same time. For example, you can enjoy better design, construction services and greater price concessions and so on. As the industry said, if the owners do not travel on the Spring Festival, you can use more time to pay attention to home improvement, more communication, timely pointed out that the decoration process has objections, the cross year decoration can also become very beautiful.

Many people worry about the winter cold and wet, not suitable for decoration, in fact as long as the year before the completion of hydropower, Mason and frame works, completely can avoid climate. And in winter, cross – year decoration, there are many benefits. For example, the low winter temperatures, Mason engineering solidification time is relatively long, more conducive to fully solidified cement; winter wood moisture content is moderate, the dry degree is good, not easy to deformation and cracking, the wooden base is firm; the winter indoor humidity and temperature to ensure the stability of plate after construction, so the construction project can be maintained for a long time without cracking and no deformation.

New Year decoration of the long span of time, in some ways also means “ slow, ” less rush deadlines tension, it can make a lot of details has been further improved. Many consumers always feel that the renovation will delay delays, so the requirements to avoid construction. In fact, if the time can be arranged, the use of the Spring Festival holiday and other opportunities for intermittent construction, there are many advantages are visible. For example, now the general indoor air moisture content is very suitable for decoration, construction may occur problems will be greatly reduced. Moreover, because the decoration is the first hydropower transformation and carpentry section, completed before the completion of these projects, and then go through a period of time, help to expose the hidden problems may exist. On the other hand, indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases can be fully volatile, trans annual decoration more environmentally friendly.

Most importantly, the annual renovation will not only be more adequate in material preparation. And enjoy a more favorable price policy. Generally speaking, in order to maintain the off-season expenses, businesses will attract consumers to buy promotions. At this time, not only Jiezhuang companies may be promoted for a single discount, and by the end of the year many building materials business will be realized cash, many goods will be discounted sales. To determine if the build brand, type, price, color, shape and other use of this opportunity, not only can save a lot of money, after the Spring Festival is not repeated for the construction material and effort.

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