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Optima wood door, I believe we all know very well, Optima wooden door is one of the ten brands. The product is not fine is much, Optima doors of continuous innovation, focus on building doors, the introduction of international first-class production equipment and first-class designers, to create the most suitable for each household doors. And export multinational, is the province’s famous trademark. The following Xiaobian for everyone Optima wooden door and Optima wooden door brand okay?.

What about the wooden doors of Optima?

Optima wooden door is the product of Optima door industry. Optima door industry in recent years is a new category of brand, now is the CCTV brand on the list, has been rated as “ China’s wooden door thirty strong enterprise ” therefore, quality is guaranteed.

Optima wood door has today’s international first-class production equipment and technology. Daily can produce all kinds of interior doors more than 4000 sets of doors, the company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, and won the “ Chinese qualified product quality assured &rdquo national standard of honor. Optima wood door company has the right of self import and export. More than 80% of its products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other countries. At present, the main products for Optima doors: MDF molded door, MDF-PVC door, solid wood door, solid wood veneer doors, doors, glass doors and other polymer.

Optima wooden door brand

Optima “ build a world-class door enterprises, striving for the first brand &rdquo for Chinese doors; a corporate goal from Optima was founded to today, with a sound marketing network and service system in the vast number of consumers. The company for management depth, quality stringent requirements, so that they are in Hengda Real estate, Vanke Real Estate and other well-known Chinese real estate enterprises in an equal position to establish strategic partnership.

Stormy journey, Optima in recent years, especially in the consumer oriented and actress Jiang Wenli to share happiness “ · &rdquo Oupaimen this idea. Home because of responsibility for sharing happy and complete, in such a corporate culture, Oupaide to lay a piece of heaven and earth, in the complex market Chinese “ vice president of the association of wooden Chinese unit ” “ Chinese wooden doors of 30 companies ” “ China wood door leader behind these ” fame is the European people arduous journey. “ now, Optima door industry has changed from an individual small factory into a product, selling at home and abroad billion enterprises, ” Optima wooden door “ brand, ” OUPAI“ Optima trademark has long been all over North and south.

Optima wooden door features

1, personalized customization: more than 100 styles tailored for you, launched: tailored “ services to meet your personalized needs, a fan, ten things … … only a number of different, no service difference. Of course, personalized custom Optima wooden door prices are relatively high.

2, moisture-proof waterproof: Optima wooden doors, window sets in damp conditions, lasting use without deformation, very suitable for the South environment. Optima sets of doors using finished sets of doors, without carpentry rendering, completely eliminate second indoor pollution.

3: Optima, anti-corrosion mothproof for the use of high-tech materials, wooden doors, wooden doors to subvert the traditional era, special structure of the product, not afraid of defying acid-base corrosion, a natural barrier of moth.

4, decorative choice: Optima wooden doors in strict accordance with the international quality system monitoring, to ensure that each of the Optima wood door exquisite workmanship, without any worries, is the most well-known decoration company’s preferred brand.

5, after-sales service: Optima wooden door opened the first example of coastal areas, warranty 1 years, 1 years of quality problems, Optima door will be free maintenance.

6, color unification: Optima wooden door surface is used in South Korea LG 18 silk imitation leather imported PVC, surface resistance degree of up to 10 kilograms, let you never afraid of scratch and color uneven.

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