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Often cook, what kind of lampblack machine is good to use? Range hood, also known as range hood, is a kitchen appliance that purifies the kitchen environment. It is installed in the upper part of the kitchen hood health energy-saving stove, can produce waste and cooking stove combustion of harmful fumes quickly pumped out from outside, reduce pollution, air purification, and the role of security, gas explosion. The range hood should be cleaned regularly, and the oil can not be removed by simple cleaning. The cleaning hood must be cleaned with professional cleaning agent. Here I recommend for you a number of popular range hood brand, I hope to help you further understanding, cooking often, what kind of smoke hood, easy to use.

What kind of lampblack machine is easy to use — side suction lampblack exhauster’s advantage and malpractice

The side suction hoods of years of top suction meet problem, design more near the hearth, the first time locked to prevent smoke escape at the same time, small volume and space, and can realize the separation of oil and smoke, side suction hood is developed in recent years, has changed the traditional design way of hood and hood, cooking from the side of the fumes sucked, basically achieve the cleaning effect, but the side suction hoods in patent product — — smoke separation plate, completely solved the problem of Chinese cooking cooking fumes from the fire difficult to remove. The smoke exhauster adopts the technology of side air intake and lampblack separation, and the smoke absorption rate is as high as 99%. However, there is a general problem of excessive noise and of course there is little noise.

What kind of lampblack machine is easy to use — the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese range hood

The Chinese lampblack exhauster is specially designed for Chinese people, with good pumping effect, low production cost, low price, small volume and no space occupation. But there is no shape, in other electrical appliances do not match, while the noise is very large, easy to drop oil and meet, cleaning is also very difficult, the service life is also relatively short defects.

What kind of lampblack machine is easy to use — the advantages and disadvantages of the European range hood

The European style hoods are beautiful and fashionable in design, so they are less noisy because of the small power. Not suitable for Chinese people to use, according to foreign dietary habits design, so pumping effect in general, occupy a larger space, prone to drip oil and meet phenomenon, while expensive.

Among the types of range hoods, there is also a multimedia, many functions, large suction, and music playback, but there are many failures, high prices, high maintenance costs. What kind of lampblack hood is better, the user in the selection, but also in different types of range hoods contrast, pick the right, in order to allow the use of the effect can be well displayed.

Top range hoods recommend ten brands

Cooking often, what kind of lampblack machine, good 1. FOTILE

FOTILE was founded in 1996, from the inception of the company that specializes in high-end embedded kitchen appliances and integrated kitchen products R & D and manufacturing, people committed to the pursuit of high quality of life to provide leading design and humanized kitchen technology, reliable quality of embedded kitchen electrical products.

With the industry smoke effect of core technology: “ the best efficient inhalation technology ”. Won the first prize of the national highest technical award in the industry – the first prize of the China Light Industry Federation’s scientific and technological progress.

Cooking often, what kind of lampblack machine, good 2. Vatti

Vatti products have formed a stove (gas stove, gas stove), water heater (electric water heaters, gas water heaters and solar water heaters), lampblack machine, disinfection cabinet, cabinets and other products of the more than 500 varieties, become the leading brand China gas stove, gas water heater, lampblack machine into the top three industry. In April 28, 2006, Vatti shares became the sole supplier of gas in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. In March 2008, Vatti became the torch maker of Beijing Olympic games.

Cook often, what kind of lampblack machine is good, 3. boss

Hangzhou boss electric Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1979, specializing in the production of high-end hood, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet, electric oven, steamer, electric pressure cooker, induction cooker and other kitchen appliances. After thirty years of continuous development and growth, has become a professional manufacturer of China kitchen appliances industry with the longest history, the largest share of the market, the brand value of the highest, the largest production scale, the most complete product categories, the most extensive sales area is one of the leading enterprises.

Often cook what kind of lampblack machine, good 40 thousand and

Vanward was founded in August 1993, headquartered in Guangdong Shunde national high tech Development Zone, the gas is the largest domestic production of professional manufacturing enterprises, but also Chinese gas with the development strategy of the initiator and promoter, Chinese Hardware Association gas appliances third branch of the chairman of the unit.

Cooking often, what kind of lampblack machine, good 5. Haier

Haier was founded in 1984, after 28 years of entrepreneurial innovation, from a insolvent, close to the collapse of the collective small factory to develop into the world’s first white electricity brand. Haier adhering to forge ahead of the Haier culture, products and service form does not rigidly adhere to the existing home appliance industry, in the work of innovation and change, and actively expand new areas of business development, modern life solutions, new ideas, new technologies, new products, new services, leading the new trend of modern life, a comprehensive optimization of life and the quality of the environment in a unique way of innovation.

Often cooking lampblack machine what 6. Macro

Macro lampblack machine is Guangdong Macro Gas Appliance Co. Ltd. subordinate Macro products, is a professional engaged in clean energy (gas) and efficient use of renewable energy, technology, energy saving, green environmental protection, fashion of low-carbon high-tech enterprise’s core value. The main products are Macro hood double high-speed plate series, double suction, high strength series free washable series.

Cooking often, what kind of lampblack machine, good 7. SIEMENS

SIEMENS AG is one of the largest electromechanical companies in the world. It was established in 1847. Today, its international headquarters is located in Munich, germany. The company’s business focuses on 6 major areas: information and communications, automation and control, power, transportation, medical systems and lighting. SIEMENS’s global operations are handled by 13 business groups, including SIEMENS Financial Services Limited and SIEMENS real estate asset management group. In addition, SIEMENS has two joint ventures, &mdash, &mdash, BOSCH – SIEMENS home appliance group and Fujitsu SIEMENS computer (holding) company.

Often cook what kind of lampblack machine, good 8. cherry blossoms

Sakura Sakura lampblack machine is (China) Limited’s brand, 1978 was born in Taiwan in 1994, China, Chinese, establishment of Sakura (Chinese) Co. ltd.. From the beginning of the establishment, by the Taiwan kitchen industry first brand Sakura led investment, committed to the production of Sakura “ ” the whole kitchen, range hood, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet, cleaning cabinet, water tank, gas water heaters, electric water heater, Yuba, leading many kitchen products.

Often cook, what kind of lampblack machine is good, 9. beautiful

Smoke lampblack machine by the beautiful Guangdong beautiful kitchen appliances manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial city of Guangdong Foshan Shunde Beijiao the United States, founded in September 5, 2007, its predecessor was founded in 1999 in Guangdong Midea kitchenware Manufacture Co. Ltd is a supplier, Midea household appliances group, professional production and operation of gas appliance, sanitary appliances and kitchen appliances. Beautiful lampblack machine annual capacity 750 thousand, in lampblack machine industry rank the first three. In 2012, in China’s household appliance brand testing activities, won the “ten brands of hoods” brand.

Cooking often, what kind of lampblack machine, good 10. Sacon

Sacon group leading products: Sacon brand hood, electric water heater, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet, cabinets, the Sacon brand hood, electric water heater, gas stove was named &ldquo the State Administration of quality supervision; Chinese brand-name products (” an enterprise also has three Chinese brand-name products in China kitchen appliances in the industry only Sacon). The leading product “Sacon” brand ventilator has the advantages of fashionable design, high grade, easy to scrub, no oil leakage, low noise, strong suction, etc..

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