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Bathroom odor, is a lot of people have encountered problems, will destroy the mood at home, but also affect the health of the family. Remove the mess caused by cleaning is not smelly, bathroom odor source has three main, namely floor drain, toilet and pipe. Today, with a small series to see how to remedy the disease, the eradication of bathroom odor.

One by one investigation of bathroom floor drain anti odor solution

Bathroom is heavy water, the daily drainage is large, so often install one to several drainage floor drain. The floor drain is connected with the indoor and the sewer pipes, and if the floor drain odor prevention effect is poor, the stench in the sewer pipe is easy to escape into the interior. Here’s a look at the floor drain odor causes and corresponding solutions.

First, install the floor drain with bad odor proof effect

Odor reasons: floor drain is small, but the role is significant. A good floor drain needs many functions, such as anti return water, insect control, anti blocking, deodorization and so on. Among them, deodorization function should be the most critical function. When installing the floor drain, it is not surprising if you choose the floor drain with less odor resistance and the odor between the bathroom.

Solution: if it is because the floor drain is not deodorant, resulting in bathroom odor, the solution is to replace the smell of good function of the floor drain. So, how to choose a good anti odor floor drain, or first to understand the odor of the floor drain principle.

1, the odor of floor drain principle

The odor proof floor drain can be divided into two categories: water seal, deodorization floor drain and self sealing deodorization floor drain. The principle of the water sealing deodorization floor drain is a trap in the water to reach the effect of sealing the floor drain; and the self styled deodorant floor drain generally are through the spring, magnet, bearings and other mechanical devices or soft material will leak into the water and sealed odor. In the water seal floor drain, as long as the water is stored, the deodorizing effect can be guaranteed; the self sealing floor drain can avoid the water seal, the floor drain, the stored water, the dry and the non odor proof situation, but because of the mechanical device, the utility model has the situation that the deodorization function is not working.

2, sanitary ware should choose deep water sealed deodorant floor drain

Water seal, floor drain, deodorization, comparative insurance, self sealing floor drain, drainage are relatively smooth, both have their advantages and disadvantages, in order to avoid weaknesses, it is recommended to use different floor drain in different spaces. Bathroom often need drainage, it is recommended to choose deep water sealing floor drain, the effect of deodorant is more insurance, not easy to malfunction.

Two, floor drain installation is not in place

Odor reasons: Although the choice of floor drain deodorant function is very good, but after installation, odor or leak from the floor into the room. The reason is generally that when the floor drain is installed, the gap between the four sides and the pipe is not sealed.

Solution: if it is because of the gap, then you can use glass glue or other adhesive to seal the gap around the floor drain, to ensure that the stench of the sewer pipe can not be distributed through the gap.

Three, floor drain deodorant function failure

Odor reasons: after the installation of floor drain, it may be due to no good maintenance and lead to floor drain deodorant function failure. A long time such as water leakage is not used, the water drain dry; there is no time to clean, hair and other dirt is blocked.

Solution 1: if it is a water seal, floor drain, in use, should pay attention to prevent water seal dry, must be regular water injection. If the home does not live for a long time, it is better to use the lid sealed floor drain, reducing water evaporation at the same time, but also play a sealing role.

Solution 2: if it is a self sealing floor drain, it is necessary to know the self sealing floor drain, and its sealing is often achieved by mechanical devices such as springs, magnets, etc.. But as the spring increases with the use of time, the elasticity weakens; the magnet weakens because of the iron adsorbed on the water. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly whether the performance of the self sealing floor drain is good, and if any problems occur, it is necessary to replace them in time.

The bathroom bathroom renovation

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