New year’s cleaning at the end of the year, comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of home Raiders 0

At the end of the year, people began to make preparations for the new year. Among them, household cleaning is an important thing. The face of complicated cleaning work, home Welty corner should arrange the cleaning? This small series systematically introduced to everyone home cleaning skills, come to understand it.

First, the kitchen clean-up

1, kitchen cleaning So easy, choose the right cleaning tools to power

2, how can the kitchen tolerate oil, kitchen clean comprehensive coup?

Two, bathroom cleaning

3, smell more fresh, bathroom odor, radical cure

4, create a clean and clean space, bathroom clean coup

5, intimate contact, how vague bath cleaning skills?

6, winter love bath tub cleaning and maintenance can not forget

7, narcissism, do not stop the mirror headlight cleaning and maintenance strategy

8, enjoy comfortable bathroom, of course, its bathroom Raiders all-round protection strategy

Three. Other space cleaning

9 from the end of spring cleaning start from where? Give your home a full range of care

10, the prevention of influenza frequently clean, dealing with home health blind spot, I have trick

11, take care of the window of the scenery, five commonly used curtain cleaning method

12, solid wood cabinets difficult to maintain? Xiaobian weapon maintenance problem, one by one break

13, the end of the year clean-up, coup, so that home clean as new

14, to the soft wall stains to hide a bath

15, special love for special women exclusive wardrobe skills

16, give baby the most intimate and meticulous care weapon, children’s room cleaning

17, teach you a second to change the furniture maintenance Raiders

The living room kitchen bathroom bedroom Bathroom cabinet, toilet tile building materials knowledge Maintenance of furniture and building materials

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