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Log board, the focus is that the panels are made of 100% pure wood, the general use of wood varieties are imported and domestic products, imports of American red oak, red cherry, Burma teak and so on. Log wall panel is a high-end building materials, because it is based on wood based cutting processing, generally used in villas, upscale restaurants clubs and museums and other places, ordinary people rarely contact, because of the use of solid wood furniture is a high-grade products. Decorative wall panel is a new type of decorative wall material developed in recent years, using solid wood as the base material. Decorative wall plates with light, fireproof and mothproof, construction is simple, elegant, safe, decorative effect is obvious, has the advantages of convenient maintenance etc.. It can replace wallpaper, and can replace wall materials such as wall tiles, so it is widely used. In recent years, the log wall panels have been touted by the owners, and they are inseparable from many advantages. Here I will further understand the log wall panels related knowledge.

The concept of log panels

The log panel is different from the multi-layer composite and MDF panel for high-end home decoration plate, base plate using natural 100% pure raw planks together, no skin without interlayer, glue products thereby at least, is more environmentally friendly, is conducive to physical and mental health!

Advantages of log siding

1. environmental health: wood panel board using pure natural raw planks together, no skin without interlayer, glue the products installed at least, tasteless. Room decoration as a whole, there will be no paint this process, to solve the problem of decoration materials and paint for a long time.

2., anti ultraviolet radiation: one of the main chemical components of wood raw material wood clapboard lignin, has strong absorption for ultraviolet, and wood surface tissue irregularities can scatter light, reduce eye fatigue and injury.

3., warm in winter and cool in summer: clapboard wood is a bad conductor, the use of clapboard room will be warm in winter and cool in summer, but also because the timber itself to the room air humidity can play a regulatory role.

4., sound insulation effect is good: wall panels by the national authorities to detect sound insulation up to 29 decibels, equivalent to more than half of the solid wall insulation, for example, bedroom toilet water pipes, sound can be very good sound absorption. The wall creates a perfect diffuse reflection of sound, effective buffer bass impact, good absorption of material itself and the sound of bad sharp wave, thus forming a perfect three level noise reduction function in space, greatly enhance the quality of life in the 1\/3 hours of sleep.

5., air conditioning: log material, soft and hard moderate, touch temperature moderate, wood will adjust the moisture in the air through its own breathing, to give you the physical fatigue of the link.

6., abrasion resistance, shock resistance: parapet board has higher compressive strength and flexural strength, latex paint is the upgrading of products. Wear resistance, resistance to damage is much better than common paint and wallpaper, if there is a child at home is more appropriate.

7., high-grade, with quality: logs, wall panels, modeling diverse, so that the wall more three-dimensional sense, easy to take care of, natural environmental protection, beautiful atmosphere, is the perfect choice of high-grade interior decoration.

Log panel brand

Wheelban home. This enterprise can be said to be “ specializing in solid wood for more than ten years. ” WELBOM (Home Furnishing welbom) was founded in Germany in 1997 registered in Berlin, headquartered in Tonglu. Has established a production base of 70000 square meters, and the introduction of the international first-class standard German (HOMAG) production line and leading international wood production line, to achieve international standards of production. Well, from the beauty of Italy, and born from Italy, welbom &ldquo ” pedigree; meaning, since it was founded in 1997, is to Chinese welbom traditional culture as the guidance of the spirit, adhere to people with money that the benefits of &rdquo, “ “ happiness is Home Furnishing; Seoul &rdquo this is a solid, harmonious; “ ” brand connotation. This company is mainly to do the whole villa solid wood custom home, very luxurious.

MOBO Jin Qilin

This is a furniture enterprise in Lianyungang. In looking for has an area of 50000 square meters of modern factory, is a brand new MOBO developed the stairs, expanding to the whole wardrobe, wall system, mahogany furniture, wood industry Home Furnishing Pan home industry, the brand is the only industry in the implementation of custom wood industry brand Home Furnishing. Parapet system has: gold unicorn series, jazz series, sunshine series, Milan series, Tai Feng series, etc., in the parapet system research and development has completed the development of the 5 generation products, walking in the forefront.

White clapboard

Bai Bai is a large and famous national chain enterprise specializing in the production and sale of top-grade wooden doors and wooden panels. The introduction of Germany, Taiwan and other high-end production equipment at home and abroad, focus on every detail, and strive to build the country’s super first-class wooden door home products. Bai Bai since its inception, to market development as the driving force, &ldquo, a hundred years of brand, Yang national ambition ” as the goal, to achieve the rapid development of enterprises and sustainable brand management.

In the garden

American brands are based in Guangdong, Dongguan. The predecessor is to do export processing, and now do brand action in china. Because of the early cooperation with foreign traders, there is a perfect set of technologies in the aspects of appearance, process, design style, molding technology, interface technology, environmental protection and so on. Is one of the few manufacturers specializing in the manufacture of related products. In addition to the company’s wall products, but also supporting the wooden doors, cabinets, wardrobe, wine cabinets, wine cellar, wooden smallpox and other styles of customized products range. It is one of the few professional manufacturers in china. There are more franchised stores in developed areas.

Price of log siding

Product model unit reference price (unit yuan)

Sen carved woodworking European style siding 920 square meters

Art Square 1500

Example hundred square meters 100

Mori Maung 280

Yonggang 650 square meters

Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, of course, the price will vary. For more details about the price, please quote the local distributor as the standard!

Editor’s summary: the above is why the popularity of high-end decorative logs, siding, custom log furniture, so that the family away from formaldehyde hazards related presentations, hoping to help friends in this regard! For more information, please continue to focus on our website and the follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also go to the Qijia shopping mall to buy more of your favorite products!

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