Moreover, ceramic industry “Baotuan heating.””

[] last January, I mentioned the ceramics industry “ heating ” desire, this week &ldquo ” heating; it has become one of the hot words the whole Chinese enterprises, ceramic industry peers are no exception.
Background: in the afternoon of January 4th, Li Keqiang visited China’s first Internet private bank — — Shenzhen Qianhai micro public bank, responsible person of the enterprise presented a penguin mascot to Li Keqiang, and introduces the meaning of the “ in a world of ice and snow in heating ”. Li Keqiang is funny. “&ldquo, I wish you would keep warm, but I don’t want you in the snow.”. The government should create conditions to give you a convenient environment and warm spring. ” he also urged micro banks to be able to serve as the most common entrepreneurs at all times with the aim of inclusive finance.
I do not know the origin of the name of the public is associated with WeChat, but public information shows that Tencent is the largest shareholder of the micro. From ICQ to QQ, from Microsoft to WeChat, micro focus, from all-powerful world IT enterprises to the China IT chiefs summon wind and call for rain dominate the field, inevitably coerced countless entanglements and copycat and sour, sweet, bitter, hot, innovation. However, the success of the Department of Tencent today, of which there must be a commendable temperament, that is, inclusive, although the author is still temporarily no understanding of its internal enterprises.
Tolerance, in fact, “ Baotuan heating ” first of all need temperament.
We are always used to wanting “ holding together in the ice and snow; ” although it is often better to hold together in the spring. Recently, the ceramic export counterparts in more frequently discussed “ Baotuan heating ” topic, there are many industry people in the discussion similar to “ Foshan ceramic ” collective trademark matters.
I think, in the plate is not large but the situation is quite simple in the ceramic industry practice of “ &rdquo heating is a step by step; the way of things, not easy to achieve leapfrog Internet thinking. The export enterprise will heating a common goal and mutual tolerance is the first to face the problem, from the perspective of enterprise gathering strength, the more the better; but at the same time the enterprise more difficulty unified goal and solved more inclusive. We need to have a lot to eat crabs in the &ldquo industry; ” the first attempt, also need some in the industry can be the integration of the body or person to eat crabs as “ ” like Agam be “ &rdquo try to eat crab.
Stand in the “ heating ” the point of view of the participants, enterprises need to provide their &ldquo for heating; calorific value ” is the unique value of the enterprise, can supply, it is more unique competitive products or services. Looking back at the above-mentioned Tencent enterprise unstoppable pace of development, one of its core foundation is the enterprise has super product or service competitiveness, from QQ to WeChat, and to the few people are so. More and more enterprises have a unique product or service competitiveness in this group of “ heating ” role will be more able to produce, will attract more enterprises to join the “ heating the ranks of &rdquo.
Another we must face the reality that winter is a cold season, not just one day, “ heating ” strength and effect of accumulation is a lonely job, this is the need to turn in action before we hold together. In the enterprises mainly rely on their own efforts to spell out a piece of spring in the ceramic industry, loneliness can accommodate tolerance.

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