More than 4 years of battery to be replaced in time

Battery is an important part of the car.
At engine start or low speed operation, it is responsible for the engine ignition system and other electrical equipment power supply mission.
When the engine is running at high speed, the battery stores excess electricity.
Therefore, the correct maintenance of the battery, but also an important part of car maintenance.
6, senior automotive engineer Mr. Jiang on the daily maintenance of the battery given a professional opinion.
At present, the vast majority of automotive batteries for lead-acid batteries, it is a chemical energy can be converted into electrical energy electrochemical equipment.
“Lead-acid battery consists of positive and negative plates, partitions, shells, electrolytes and wiring pile head and other components, the discharge of its chemical reaction is dependent on the positive plate active material and negative plate active substances in the role of the electrolyte
Under the next.

It is understood that each car power has a positive and negative pole, positive pole engraved with “l” and the “dark brown, negative column engraved with” l “and” light, “was light gray.
A standard 12V lead-acid battery should contain six units, each generating about 2V of power.
With the advancement of technology and the reduction of cost, car manufacturers mainly use a maintenance-free battery, which is consistent with the design principle and the traditional battery, the use of thicker plate material.
The important difference is that the grid of his plate is made of lead-calcium alloy.

In the electrolysis process, can reduce the overcharge current, reduce the liquid gasification rate, thereby reducing the loss of electrolyte, the relative extension of the battery life.

often with short battery life

damage in order to ensure the battery life, ginger engineer proposes: & ldquo; when you start the car every time you start time should not exceed 5 seconds if fails to start, you should let the battery and the starter and then rest for 10 seconds or more
Repeat the start.
If the car often open and stop, there may lead to long-term lack of battery in the state, which will seriously shorten the battery life.
“Ginger engineers said that the general speed of 80 kilometers per hour or more stable driving about 30 minutes, you can let the battery fully charged.
Jining engineers, car battery life is generally 4 years, if more than the number of years should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the use of.
Before leaving the car, you should turn off the lights, radio and other electrical appliances in order to maintain power.
If the car is not long-term placement, the car should be fully charged, after every month or so the car will be launched once, run at moderate speed for about 20 minutes.
Otherwise, the placement time is too long and the vehicle will be difficult to start.

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