[Monte Ou doors and windows] analysis of “Foshan doors and windows” five status quo

[Foshan] the doors and windows industry experienced an extraordinary test in 2014. The success or failure of the past year will affect the strategic layout of those enterprises still waiting for the next year. In 2015, it will become a very important year for many Foshan windows and doors enterprises.

First, the enterprise transformation boom
Due to the downturn in the real estate industry, the doors and windows industry in 2014 continued to slump for a long time. Many Foshan doors and windows enterprises at this time, to the high-end line of development, began the transformation of the road. Undeniably, the transformation and upgrading of doors and windows enterprise is the only way. With the development of inland door and window market, the advantages of &ldquo, Foshan door and window &rdquo are gradually concealed. Only when the door and window brand is well done and big, Foshan doors and windows can be higher than the local market competitiveness. Although many Foshan doors and windows enterprises have made efforts for the transformation of the road, but how to achieve differentiation after the transition, which is the transformation of Foshan’s doors and windows enterprises to face the problem. If the product does not achieve a high degree of differentiation, even if the enterprise transformation can not win in the fierce competition in the market. In addition, many enterprises are also committed to research and development of new products, new technologies, and constantly improve their own brand building.

Two, build industrial chain, enhance service
It is not difficult to find that the gap between the aluminum alloy doors and windows is becoming smaller and smaller, and the homogenization of products is becoming more and more serious, and the competition in the market is becoming more and more intense. Enterprises want long-term development, only from the two aspects of cost and service. Many Foshan companies are now built into doors and windows, doors and windows products are aluminum supply all in one service enterprises, and the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced equipment, now has formed an industrial chain, under control, very good from the delivery cycle and cost loss is reduced, and the quality is improved, so on the formation of the advantages of other enterprises. Many Foshan door and window enterprises begin to pay attention to the quality of service, begin on-the-job training for in-service personnel, improve the overall quality of employees, and improve the overall service quality.

Three, windows and doors enterprises are optimistic about the county market
This year, many Foshan enterprises responsible person began to visit and the overseas market, it can not only deepen and dealer’s feelings, but also can understand the changes in the market demand, to lay a good foundation for next year’s strategic layout. This year, the first and second property by the state regulation and control policy continued to slump, as a real estate downstream industry, “door and window industry” has also been greatly affected. Moreover, the market of doors and windows in the first and second tier cities tends to be saturated, and their competitive pressures should not be underestimated. Along with the urbanization policy, there will be a degree of transformation in county-level cities and small cities will be the new city and the old city of the relocation of the future, building materials market will be considerable, it will create three or four line city doors and windows market very considerable prospect. In addition, county-level cities lower prices, the economy is steadily developing, doors and windows market is relatively stable, suitable for “ Foshan doors and windows ” brand stationed.

Four, the focus of R & D products slowly closer to consumers
As the door and window market slowly mature, consumers become more and more rational. Therefore, to grasp the psychology of consumers has become an important part of the future development of enterprises. This year, “ golden nine silver ten ” sales season, many enterprises have said that no harvest in previous years fruitful results; obviously, simple price promotions have been unable to attract the attention of consumers. With the growth of new consumer groups, consumer demand is changing, and consumer trends in door and window products are changing. Windows and doors consumption market will be more and more diversified, consumer groups show a very rich level. Many doors and windows enterprises saw this trend of development, and began to shift their focus from the product domain to the consumer domain. Doors and windows enterprises have to strengthen their brand building, improve service efficiency, and constantly innovative technology to cater to consumer psychology.

Five, doors and windows enterprises began “ electric shock ”
Recently, the Jingdong announced a partnership with Foshan Dali Town, the two sides will cooperate to build electricity supplier industry Jingdong &bull Dali valley. Before, just announced a partnership in the Jingdong and the Alibaba &ldquo &bull ” Dali; Foshan Industrial Zone in Foshan Chancheng. China’s two major electricity supplier giants will set up institutions in Foshan, which for Foshan windows and doors enterprises, is a rare opportunity, but also means that the doors and windows enterprises will usher in “ electric shock ” new era. When I visited the market, many companies have expressed their views will be stationed in the electricity supplier, which is inevitable new trend in the development of the door and window industry. With the impact of the Internet era, doors and windows as a representative of the traditional industry, stationed in the electricity supplier is in line with the trend of the times.
2015 has arrived, some Foshan door and window enterprises to keep up with the trend of the times, and constantly adjust the development policy and harvest more satisfactory results, but also some enterprises because of stick to the rules, the market eliminated. We must recognize that the market is constantly changing and developing, and if the enterprises want to seize the initiative in the future development, we must grasp the pulse of the market, closely follow the trend of the times, and constantly improve their products and services and on the basis of.

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