Modular UPS maintenance can avoid problems

After the purchase of products to go back, a lot of people are not properly maintained, it will lead to a short life, and in the process of use, it will be a lot of problems. So when we know the maintenance method for products is very good, in HUAWEI inside the company launched UPS modular needs a computer level of the electronics industry, this product can be used when there is no power, so the maintenance method we know what? As long as the simple to do a lot of problems can be avoided.

First, when installing the uninterruptible power supply we can set the real-time detection, so we can be exempt from artificial detection, and the problems of time can also solve the problem timely, for the machine when testing is time-saving, according to the use of people, why not.

Second, for connecting the Embedded power supply can ensure safe use, when the problem is most afraid of fire in power, in the fire above all life is not safe, so the uninterruptible power supply in the event of a problem is automatically cut off, this is the automatic safety monitoring.

Third, now the modular UPS is a wireless connection, wireless connection operation and installation is very simple, the operation is simple for us not for people and can be properly carried out, in the wireless connection looks more popular.

Fourth, the uninterruptible power supply can be calculated in real time SOH, then there is a lot of monomer can be detected in the monomer can be ruled out, these are the machines can automatically detect.

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