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After the renovation of the house, there is always a pungent flavor, even with a variety of formaldehyde removal method, or feel a taste. By the nose to determine the indoor pollution level, the total feeling is not reliable, then how do we know the indoor formaldehyde concentration? We can use some formaldehyde detection method to determine, for example, formaldehyde detector, etc. today, Xiaobian and we introduced three kinds of indoor formaldehyde detection method, let you master the pollution level at home.

Indoor formaldehyde detection method one, formaldehyde self-test box

Formaldehyde self test box is the lowest, most household, but the value of the larger deviation of formaldehyde detection method. Generally in the home supermarket, or online can buy formaldehyde self-test box, the price from dozens to dozens of blocks.

The formaldehyde self test box is made up of a brown bottle thinner, a transparent bottle color developer, and a reaction box containing powder. Detection will be detected before the room doors and windows closed for an hour, put the diluent into the reaction box and the reactant is dissolved, reaction box is placed in the room from the ground 80 to 150 cm in height, exposure after 30 minutes into the chromogenic agent, tighten the cap after shake, after standing for 10 minutes to open, self testing box than the contrast color color card. Yellow basically does not contain formaldehyde; yellow green, yellow is not over; yellow green, green, excessive, not serious; green exceeded a little more; blue is excessive.

Although this method is simple, but the accuracy is not guaranteed, can only do a general test. Insiders said that the case was not included in the specification for self testing formaldehyde detection of national indoor air, is only a transitional means, self testing box placed longer detection reagent more deeply, so the results of the detection of formaldehyde self testing box is not 100% accurate.

Indoor formaldehyde detection method two, household formaldehyde detector

JC-7 is a concentration of household indoor formaldehyde detection instrument new volume, generally have a thermos cup size, front screen, the back is the air inlet and the battery slot, the top is formaldehyde meter switch, press the boot side is three seconds, temperature unit button and the alarm switch, can be converted to temperature.

Household formaldehyde detector using the latest imported electrochemical sensor and high precision operational amplifier chip, real-time continuous direct conversion of formaldehyde concentration in the air signal into electrical signals, data processing by microcomputer, the measurement results are displayed in LCD digital mode. The formaldehyde detector is placed in the detection environment, or in the same sealed space with the test objects such as coating, etc., waiting for 5~10 minutes, the value of the formaldehyde display screen will show the real-time formaldehyde concentration, and change constantly.

When the value of formaldehyde analyzer on less than 0.10mg\/m³ when there is a digital display screen above the face will exceed 0.10mg\/m³;, smiling face will become sad face, while there will be alarm sound and red lights flashing; when I seriously exceed the standard will become a skeleton symbol, we can be very intuitive to see the indoor formaldehyde pollution level.

Compared to formaldehyde testing institutions, thousands of testing fees, hundreds of dollars of household formaldehyde instrument can fully meet the needs of the general family, and the operation is very simple, small size is also easy to place.

Indoor formaldehyde detection method three, formaldehyde detection institutions

Employ formaldehyde detection mechanism to do indoor environmental testing this method is more suitable for enterprises, institutions and other large institutions, the new house decoration good to stay before the best entrust professional institutions do a indoor environment testing.

At present, a large number of institutions engaged in the third party inspection, and testing qualification, testing instruments, testing methods are different, few owners have relevant knowledge. How can we choose a good third party testing organization?

The detection mechanism required by the metrological certification of quality and technical supervision departments at or above the provincial level (CMA), the party has the legal effect of the report, commissioned by the detection before the requirements issued by the testing agencies measurement certification (CMA) certificate and inspection capability table.

The testing method of the testing institution should conform to the national standard, the national standard GB\/T18883-2002 does not recognize the direct reading method of formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC.

Also note that some did not detect qualified agencies in “ free testing ” to deceive consumers, the feasibility of data worthy of scrutiny, and some do both detection and detection mechanism of governance recommendations carefully chosen, because the provisions of the state inspection institution shall not affect the detection results from the related business.

No matter what kind of testing methods are chosen, it is to know the level of formaldehyde pollution in the home. Only by mastering the indoor pollution level can we formulate the corresponding treatment method. Above on indoor formaldehyde detection method on the brief introduction here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please stay tuned.

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