Market anger has not come up, integrated ceiling enterprises in the beginning of how to face?

[after the Spring Festival, last year, more low-key integration ceiling industry has not been completely ignited, the development of anger has yet to be brewing. National favorable policies have been introduced, but the policy effect is not immediate, the downturn in the air market is still suspended over the integrated ceiling industry. Faced with the indifference of consumers, many integrated ceiling enterprises have depreciated their prices and lowered their heads to attract consumers to buy products. However, the final result is not satisfactory.
China’s integrated ceiling enterprises in reality will be how to face the market?
When the market downturn hit, integrated ceiling enterprises as a market downturn was frightened by the sparrow, in the narrow eaves with poor, or that fighting the sea like a swallow. Most of the integrated ceiling enterprises have taken negative attitude: compression costs, reduce staff, stop market brand promotion, product innovation to give up … … is mostly a kind of instinct to take price marketing, expect to rely on low-cost marketing to open up the market.
But the result? Obviously not ideal. In the market downturn, low price drive is not a panacea. Why? There are three reasons:
First, the market downturn is not for a particular enterprise, but an industry as a whole is facing. Therefore, it is a common problem of industry. All the common problems should be formulated according to the specific state of each enterprise, instead of simply reducing the price.
Two, price war is almost domestic integration ceiling enterprises in the face of difficulties in the use of a “quick success and instant benefits” approach. When an industry group facing the market dilemma, one enterprise resorted to price banner, other companies will invariably adopt this approach, so the price strategy in addition to erode the profits of enterprises and the whole industry value, no benefits.
Three, to bring enterprise mishap. Price reduction not only leads to the depreciation of enterprise brand, but also dries up the source of enterprise profits, resulting in enterprises without resource innovation.
Then, in the market downturn, integrated ceiling enterprises, in addition to price wars, what better way?
China integrated ceiling enterprises are numerous, each enterprise’s way out is also full of tricks, it can be said that the method is ever-changing. But from the point of view of regularity, we can find a way out of the following three aspects.
Reshaping integrated ceiling enterprises confidence in the market
When the economy is in the doldrums, many businesses are in trouble. The most effective solution, however, is to build market confidence rather than reduce prices. Integrated ceiling enterprises should objectively look at themselves, find out their advantages, and transform the advantages into productive forces. Regardless of the size of the world market, as far as China is concerned, the scope of the Chinese market is equivalent to that of the whole of Europe, and the consumption power of China’s 1 billion 300 million people is immeasurable. If we do a good job in the Chinese market, enterprises will have no way out.
The history of industrial development in the world has proved that when difficulties come, enterprises that have been in a difficult period often have great competitiveness. Or, every enterprise that has gone through an economic downturn can be a good enterprise.
Brands shaping market goals and consumer identity
To be a brand, in the minds of many integrated ceiling enterprises in China, is a costly, time periodic and highly specialized project. To this end, many enterprises from a distance, or to do the brand money instead of markdowns.
Whenever integrated ceiling enterprises do brands, there are two laws:
One is to make a super brand known as imaging Coca-Cola, IBM, Haier.
The other is a brand that targets consumers highly identify with. Do the target consumer’s brand identity is not too difficult, as long as a careful analysis of the enterprises this group of consumer psychology, let the enterprise brand “ scarcity value ” to fit their values, then you will succeed brand.
China will enter a middle aged society. With the China family wealth accumulation, people of the pure material products, the product of low purchasing power weakened, and willing to buy with their spiritual identity, have higher value products, even if these products are expensive. For consumers to buy high priced products, the premise is that the product’s brand “ scarce value ” be recognized by him, not just know.
Innovate for consumer demand for market objectives
Mediocre enterprises are not very understanding of consumer demand, take it for granted that the product, resulting in serious separation of products and markets, the final price sale. Excellent enterprises are to understand and meet consumer demand, to provide products and services, and to maximize the business transformation into commercial value.
Outstanding enterprises in addition to fully meet the needs of consumers, but also in advance insight into the needs of consumers, creating consumer demand, thus creating a huge, new blue ocean market.
Therefore, for the integrated ceiling enterprises now, in the market is so low. Enterprises want to seek greater development, but also step by step to meet the market demand for consumption. Seize the market demand, and then innovation, so as not to be eliminated by the market.

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