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The marble plate is the use of tens of thousands of years of crust formed naturally, because it is a natural form, marble as a new type of composite material, colorful, maintenance, non stick oil has advantages, such as flame retardant decoration materials become a market darling. It has unique physical texture patterns and natural pore texture and stability, and the marble sheet also hard stone special, today Xiaobian to introduce the marble specifications sheet size and thickness of the knowledge of artificial marble.

Marble board specification introduction

Marble plate color, pattern diversity, and marble sheet specifications are 600*400*20 mm range, this size can be formulated according to customers. Moreover, the specifications and sizes of marble sheets allow for some deviations. For example, the thickness deviation of the same plate is allowed to be limited to 1, if the thickness is less than or equal to 15 mm. 0 mm deviation; sheet thickness greater than 15 mm is the same sheet thickness deviation allowed limit deviation is 2. 0 mm.

Generally speaking, the length and width of a sheet shall not exceed the specified value, but it may be slightly below the specified value. And according to the size of the marble plate allows the deviation and flatness of the limits of tolerance, angle limits of tolerance, appearance quality, specular gloss etc can be divided into high-grade marble plate A, B grade, C grade three qualified.

Dali stone slab purchase points

A lot of friends, points to reflect that in the purchase of the marble plate do not know from which to choose, Xiaobian introduce some here, we can understand the color, pattern, Mao Xikong water absorption, hardness and so on to consider when choosing a marble plate. The uniformity and integrity in the purchase of the first time to observe the material, when our eyes in the observation sheet, the representative of the quality of the finer particles is better, and the structure of surface cracks, after prone to splitting, the surface texture of stone is not beautiful.

Two points, in the selection of the time can be hand percussion stone, to see the hardness of percussion when the sound is very crisp and solid that shows the quality of the marble is very good, but is the kind of sound boring that is inside there may be some cracks in the stone. When the marble plate selected, in the color of choice is very important, as well the white marble is definitely better than the dark lines in the maintenance more trouble, so many white marble plate is generally in contact with wall surface compensation.

Notes on the use of marble slabs

Marble plate in the construction process, it will affect the use of marble and so on, so in daily use, we should pay attention to what damage Dali stone surface things. To wall food is to lift what pH value is too high, because these things broken marble surface, cause unnecessary damage, and so on. There is Dali stone surface are basically done antifouling treating layer surface protection, so when we clean can wipe the dust can be used for dry cloth, pay attention not to the surface of the water a long time to stay in Dali slate.

Table thickness of artificial marble

Table thickness of artificial marble大小为实体面材,参考如下:

1, length: maximum 3680mm, including the standard length: 2440mm, 3050mm, 3680mm;

2 width: widest 960mm, including standard width: 960mm;

3, thickness: 6mm or more, including 6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm

Such a standard thickness of pure acrylic solid surface can be made into 4 millimeters thick.

Price of marble countertops:

Artificial marble prices are generally around 300 yuan a square meter, because of the origin, color and other factors affecting its prices, the overall cost-effective.

Price table for marble countertops:

The beauty of his artificial marble table for 310 yuan \/ m;

Hao Yuan artificial marble is RMB 240 \/ M

Yuming artificial marble table for 230 yuan \/ m;

Monterey Li family made marble tops $290 \/ m;

Monterey Milan artificial marble reference price: 300 yuan \/ m.

编辑总结:关于大理石规格板材大小、Table thickness of artificial marble的相关信息就为大家介绍到这里了,希望这篇文章对大家有所帮助。如果大家还有什么不明白的地方可以在下方给小编留言哦,我们会尽快为您解答。


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