Main Features of Manganese Resources in China

China is rich in manganese resources.
According to the distribution characteristics of manganese resources in China, mineralization reasons, grade and so on.
China’s manganese ore shows the uneven distribution of manganese resources; deposits are mostly medium and small; ore quality is poor, and mainly to poor ore; ore material composition is complex; ore structure is complex, fine particle size; deposits are mostly deposition or deposition deterioration
Type, mining conditions complex features.
Although most of China’s 21 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions identified manganese ore, but mostly distributed in the southern region, especially in Guangxi and Hunan provinces, the region for the most, accounting for 56% of the national manganese reserves,
, Thus in the mining of manganese resources formed in Guangxi and Hunan-based pattern.
More than 7 large and medium-sized deposits, which makes it difficult to make full use of modern industrial technology for mining, over the years, more than 80% of the manganese ore production (the more than 80% of the manganese ore production), the size of the ore deposits are mostly small and medium-sized 11.2998871211219982387112199887111128871111219982387 213 manganese areas,
From the local, small mines and mining.
According to the manganese ore reserves, manganese ore (manganese oxide manganese is greater than 30%, manganese carbonate manganese content greater than 25%) reserves of only 6.4%, and some manganese-rich
Ore still needs industrial processing while in use.
Manganese deposits account for 93.6% of the country’s total reserves.
As the manganese ore grade is low, with high impurities, fine particle size, technical processing performance is not ideal.

Fourth, the complex composition of ore

high phosphorus, high iron manganese ore, and with (common) and other impurities in the manganese ore, manganese ore reserves in China, a large proportion, such as the Southern Sinian “Xiangtan type
“Manganese ore about 100 million tons of reserves are high phosphorus difficult to use manganese ore.
The results show that the vast majority of manganese deposits are fine or micro-grain embedded in the manganese ore,
Cloth, which increased the difficulty of sorting.

VI deposit deposits or deposition of metamorphic type, mining conditions are complex

China’s nearly 80% of the manganese ore is deposited or deposited metamorphic type, this type of ore distribution is wide, ore body was multi-layer thin layer, slow tilt, buried deep
, The need for underground mining, mining technology conditions are poor.
Reserves suitable for open pit production account for only 6% of the country’s total reserves.

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