Looking forward to the new year Jiezhuang, stop work before the year 0 can not be sloppy

There are more than a month is China’s traditional festival, the lunar new year, many decoration workers have prepared to return home on the road, so many ongoing Jiezhuang site also had to stop work. For the selection of New Year decoration owners, in the years before the shutdown can’t get throught a thing carelessly. In order to ensure the quality of their own decoration, to ensure the smooth progress of the resumption of work after the year, when there was still a lot of work to pay attention to. The following series of small details on the work stoppage, building materials, maintenance and other considerations before the year, come to understand it.

Part1: before the year’s renovation, the main points need to be known before the stop work

Years ago, there are many stresses shutdown, can not casually say stop will stop. As owners, the following points need to be done before the shutdown.

First, to ensure the completion of individual projects

To ensure that all projects completed in order to stop work, and if the scheduled shutdown date can not complete a project, it is best to start work after the year. Because of the strong mobility of construction personnel, it will be difficult to guarantee the unity and integrity of the construction process if the construction personnel change after the year.

Two, detailed years before construction acceptance

The front suspension, the owners need to shut down for the acceptance of the completed project, if there is a problem, in the acceptance to the decoration company single will write clearly, at the same time, ask a simple text promise: when, what means to solve the problems.

Three, need to sign a work stoppage agreement

The owner shall sign a work stoppage agreement with the home improvement company before the stop work, so as to effectively avoid disputes. In general, the site will be shut down seal affixed to the project managers, workers and owners of common unsealing. Suspension Agreement indicate the best time and time to unsealed and plan, checking, and signed by the project manager and the owner. In order to prevent accidents at the construction site, the owner shall also reserve contact information for the personnel on duty.

Four, do a good job site inspection

The Spring Festival is approaching and the house being decorated will be shut down for half a month to a month. During this period, because the site unattended, but also coincides with the festival, fire, electricity, gas consumption surge, the fire rate is extremely high. Therefore the site before shutdown, should pay attention to the investigation of wires, electrical appliances, decoration materials, pipeline, doors and windows with sheath, prevent leakage, cracking pipes and other dangerous fire prevention, etc. in short, to do the work before the site inspection, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong.

Five, inventory of good decoration materials

Before the work stoppage, the owner will be able to check the site with the construction team, register the quantity of the goods and materials on the spot, and record the data of water, electricity and gas in the room, and sign the deposit. The general store at the site of the goods decoration company owners to purchase materials, materials and working tools, decoration companies will usually separate the three kinds of materials stacked, the owners can fill in the &ldquo years ago, according to the annual engineering record; cross door ” the remarks column, inventory control.

The purchase of building materials building materials building materials building materials based maintenance knowledge

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