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The floor is home decoration essential materials, and the market many brands, the price disparity, and the appearance of the difference is very small, brought great distress to the consumer choice, choose the right floor is not easy, in order to facilitate the following Xiaobian to introduce: Regal floor how and regal floor price.

How fine floor:

Regal floor is good? Beijing wellux Wood Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2003, mainly engaged in &ldquo manufacturing, ” Regal; import and export sales and service business card, wood flooring and other wood products. Regal floor not only meets the European and Chinese E1 standard, but also through the Chinese the most authoritative “ ten ” environmental product certification mark, more wear-resistant, burning, flame retardant, anticorrosive, mothproof, anti-static, anti shock, anti ultraviolet and other unique features. Regal floor with the floor, floor, floor and other friends of the world of nature with many well-known brands as the most influential brand floor Chinese.

Regal floor service:

In the service, Regal company has established more than 400 stores in the various provinces and cities nationwide, professional service personnel to reach more than 3000 people, from the pre-sale 800 free telephone consultation, Internet free consultation website and store staff face-to-face consultation, the sale of the free installation, to customer service one year warranty, ten year shelf life maintenance, Regal in “ for ” to provide assured services.

Regal floor honor:

Because of the importance of quality, service and internal management, Regal has established a good reputation in the minds of consumers, has been widely praised by the industry. In just a few years of development, has been named “ China flooring industry brand reputation, ” “ ten buy brand ” and “ the user quality assured products, ” “ quality trustworthy product, ” “ National BrandName customer service service advanced unit ” etc..

Regal floor price:

Category, model, specification, price

Solid wood flooring, smoked red oak, 8mm 178 yuan

Solid wood flooring Kai Tai elm -B6609 8mm 109 yuan

Solid wood composite floor W7307 8mm 750 yuan

Laminate flooring walnut wood B8083 1216*142*12mm 168 yuan

Laminate flooring, white oak, B6124, 1216*194*12mm 198 yuan

Laminate flooring, teak, B6120, 1216*194*12mm, 218 yuan

Laminate flooring oak B1421 1297*191*12mm $248

Laminate flooring, gold oak, K8675, 1216*165*11mm, 188 yuan

Edit summary: how fine floor and price Regal floor is introduced to here, hope can help to you, for more information please pay attention to regulating the family network.

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