LED lighting industry gradually mature quality should be emp

With the LED lighting industry gradually mature, LED lamp quality is more and more popular, a variety of products with quality certification also began to hot up. The first is the LED lighting related quality certification, such as LED lighting, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED panel lights, LED mining lamp and LED tunnel lamp; even LED driving power, and some of the LED components of certification. However, certification at home and abroad are not standard, and product certification and testing and certification. China general certification including 3C certification, CQC certification, energy saving and environmental protection certification, and international certification generally include CB certification, CE certification.

The main international certification including CB and CE certification. To apply for CB certification should pay attention to products shall comply with the IEC standard and the CTL version of the corresponding resolution requirements, different countries or regions for certification of products in terms of equipment or process requirements may be different, when necessary to complement national difference test. To apply for CE certification should pay attention to products shall comply with the EU LVD directive requirements, including the detection of project safety standard, EMC standard and OSM EN resolution requirements.

China mandatory product certification is mainly 3C certification, certification is the precondition of LED lamp power supply voltage is higher than 36V and less than 1000V. The scope of special purpose products do not belong to the CCC certification, such as LED lights, LED lights, LED lamp for LED emergency lighting, LED lights and embedded wall mounted plate. Voluntary product certification is mainly CQC certification mark and certification of energy conservation.

Consumers are now seeking cost-effective products, so in order to win the consumer of the pedestrian, almost every enterprise will do some authoritative certification, with the passage of time, the technology is stable, I believe LED lighting quality will become better and better, the price will be more lower.

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