Learn four cheats, paint dealers can live better

For the coating industry, 2014 was a busy and difficult year. Paint dealers to remove personnel, expenses and other expenses, profits are very small, we do not sigh, making money is not easy. However, most dealers are still optimistic about the paint market. Faced with the new 2015, paint dealers how to do it to live better?
1, streamline the product
Coating dealers should learn to streamline products, both for “ quantity ” requirements, but also for the “ quality ” requirements. The product structure for the survival and development of their own is the best solution, sales of large, low profit products should properly control the sales; “ good ” focus on the promotion of products as the object; “ the amount of favorable ” products to strictly control the channel price; sales of small low profit products eliminated. In addition, every year to update their own product structure, make the product structure more rational, realize the maximization of benefits.
2, on channel plough
Many dealers only focus on sales, to open up channels is not enthusiastic, it is like the source of this. Some dealers attach great importance to the development of channels, but there is a lack of awareness of the maintenance, and hard to develop channels wasted in vain.
The channel of the plough, refers to the channel more development and management, careful maintenance and customer: establish a distribution alliance; regular Distributors Association; strengthen customer guidance and assistance; not the loyalty of the distributors timely exchange etc.. Businesses want to paint air plant in the market, so it is essential to these measures.
3, keep pace with the times and move forward with the market
Many paint dealers still stay in the husband and wife system, family system level of operation, relying too much on their own experience and customary practices to operate the market, lack of strategy, management lag, brand awareness and other issues highlighted.
At present, with the times, club development was the earnings of the road paint business. Understand the times, grasp the times, grasp the pulse of the times, and soon competitors to complete the “ build systems, cloth networks, tree brand, build team ” leap over, paint business will not be abandoned by the times.
4, take the road of brand management
Heavy tactics and light tactics are often the practice of most paint dealers. They believe that a good fight is a victory, a good promotion, and a money in your pocket. The shortsightedness of heavy tactics and light strategy has led most dealers to feel that business is becoming harder and harder.
In fact, the road to brand management is a long way to win. It is possible to gradually establish a market position under the strategic guidance of a clear goal orientation, foresight, overall situation and planning.

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