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With the development of the times, we can see elevators everywhere in our lives, but how much do you know about elevator brands? What about KONE elevators, one of the largest elevator companies in the world? What are the advantages of KONE elevators in comparison with other elevator brands? With these questions, then the Department of small series, let us give you a detailed description of it.

[KONE elevator introduction]

Kone elevator, one of the world’s largest elevator company, founded in 1910 and headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Kone is one of the largest elevator and escalator manufacturers in the world and provides elevator and escalator maintenance and upgrading programs. In addition, KONE also manufactures automatic doors and gates and provides maintenance services. Kone elevators employs more than 32 thousand and 500 employees around the world.
It sells nearly 60000 elevators and escalators in the year, with about 700000 elevators and escalators, and KONE’s products are manufactured at various manufacturing sites in Europe, Asia and North america. Kone is committed to providing sales, installation and maintenance services for elevators, escalators and sidewalks to customers worldwide. At the same time, as a pioneer in developing energy saving and environmental protection products, KONE has won worldwide praise for its technical innovation and advanced nature.

Our products are widely used in the new French Triumphal Arch, Frankfort International Airport, Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, Four Seasons Hotels, the United States China Olympic Games in the National Stadium, the capital airport and other famous buildings. At home, KONE elevator has established long-term strategic cooperative relationship with many well-known real estate groups, such as Shenzhen Vanke Group, overseas Chinese town group, Shanghai Shimao Group, etc.. Until now, KONE has become one of the best world brands in the elevator market in china.

How about KONE elevator?

Advantage 1: small computer room elevator

The use of KONE small room elevator, just need a small computer room, not only saves construction costs, beautify the appearance of the building, and more importantly, the small computer room technology to optimize the use of space.

Advantage two: EcoDisc? motor

As the industry’s most successful permanent magnet synchronous gearless linear motor, compared with other permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction machines, KONE EcoDisc? Dish tractor has obvious advantages of energy saving. Under the same elevator specifications, the rated output power of the motor is reduced by about 20%, the rated operating current is reduced by about 30%, and the power factor of the disc motor is up to 0.95.

Advantage three, compact structure and cost savings: the latest research of axial permanent magnet motor weight is only half of the traditional motor. Its gearless structure helps to save construction costs and beautify the exterior of the building.

Advantage four: sturdy and reliable: gearless construction reduces wearing parts, enhances reliability, and adds a safety factor to elevators.

Advantage five, energy saving and environmental protection: relative to the traditional drive system, KONE EcoDisc? Because of the high energy efficiency and low loss, the disc motor can reduce the energy consumption by 50%%, which can save thousands of degrees of electricity per year. Compared to traditional motors, KONE EcoDisc? The advantages of disc motors are six, and the heat loss is much smaller, which directly saves the cost of refrigeration and heat dissipation.

Advantage seven, KONE elevator quality is smooth and quiet: lower motor speed greatly reduce noise, so that the elevator is running more smoothly. The V3F frequency conversion drive ensures the right and the right of the elevator operation at the same pace. The time distribution between the stations is more reasonable, and the accuracy of the leveling is more accurate.

The eight advantage of efficiency and cost advantage: as the industry’s first successful permanent magnet synchronous gearless synchronous linear motor, the technology of permanent magnet, the power factor is high, up to 95%, this is why it is higher than the other motor efficiency.

总结:那么How about KONE elevator?呢?相信大家阅读完以上内容也心中有数了。更多讯息,尽在齐家网资讯平台。

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