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Before we get to the kitchen sink, let’s get to the bottom of the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is very important in the home position, the kitchen is not only cooking place is one family emotional communication, taste of life in the place, Chinese family status is also more and more high, should have high quality and clean up the kitchen sink is a function of the cuisine is vital role. If the quality is poor, it will have a great impact on home life. In order to facilitate the purchase of your friends, it is necessary to further understand the kitchen sink, Raiders and other related knowledge.

Kitchen sink introduction

Kitchen sink introduction——水槽分类

1. stainless steel sink: metal texture is good, rich sense of the times. No rust, easy to clean.

2. cast iron enamel trough: good performance. Are imported products, expensive.

3. acrylic sink: new material production, light quality, rich colors.

4. granite sinks: resin lightweight and stone solid, customizable and popular with the market.

5. ceramic sinks: white, smooth, natural, environmentally friendly, beautiful and elegant.

Kitchen sink introduction——水槽选购技巧

Material – corrosion resistance, strong, anti-aging, light weight, easy installation and maintenance. Stainless steel sink.

Workmanship – surface treatment and welding procedures meet the standards before they last.

Specification – sink depth between 18cm and 24cm. Waste water will not be wasted.

Kitchen sink introduction——厨房水槽安装

1. First, connect the inlet pipe of the faucet to the water inlet switch.

2, installation of overflow pipe, pay attention to the sealing of the junction.

3, the installation of filter basket under the water pipe, the connection should be strong and sealed.

4, the tightness between each interface.

5. Install the sink firmly, avoid the gap and cause the tank to sway.

Kitchen sink introduction——水槽保养方法

Method: first, Cao, open water 5 to 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly clean the impurities.

Method two: after each use, use a dry cloth to dry the water stain, do not let the strong acid and alkaline matter touch the sink.

Method three: if there is floating rust, clean up in time.

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Kitchen sink introduction

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