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Open kitchen is now popular, but open seems to be unable to avoid the smoke, the partition is a good solution, in between the kitchen and dining room using the two partition technique to distinguish, let you in the kitchen to ensure the space effect but also can avoid the smoke, the decoration is used for the majority of the owners in recent years. Then, kitchen restaurant partition decoration methods and precautions are there? In order to facilitate further understanding of decoration, I come here for everyone to explain the kitchen restaurant partition related knowledge.

Kitchen dining room partition method; — — transparent type storage wall

Transparent type partition, not only to do partition, but also accommodate. Increase the interest of the room, it is in line with small Huxing use.

Kitchen and dining room partition method of — — — sliding partition

One of the most common decoration. The pollution was completely rejected. Choose green, beautiful and fresh.

Kitchen Restaurant partition method — — — bar partition

Rich petty bourgeoisie and exotic amorous feelings. Improved room tastes.

Kitchen restaurant; partition method; — — — hollow partition

Hollow partition, kitchen and restaurant area, both transparent and beautiful, is a good choice for many owners.

Kitchen dining room partition notice

Kitchen dining room partition — — open type

(1) circuit safety: keep away from gas line; line and pipe are connected from underground; otherwise it will affect the appearance.

(2) decoration materials need to be cleaned easily: wall, ground, kitchen, and easy to clean materials.

(3) supporting furniture is mainly made up of simple: make or purchase, must be concise, prevent contamination of oil, easy to clean.

(4) open kitchen ventilation is the key: with high-power, multi-function smoke exhauster, good ventilation, so that the indoor light more transparent.

Kitchen dining room partition — — closed type

1, closed kitchen and dining room partition material: partition wall, partition door, mobile door

With partition wall, partition door or mobile door, Chinese kitchen commonly used partition way.

2, the advantages of closed kitchen and dining room partition

Ensure the leakage of soot thoroughly, the air free from pollution. Suitable for Chinese kitchen and dining room.

3, closed kitchen and dining room partition design notice

(1) pass the light: consider the daylighting of the kitchen, because the space of daylighting in the kitchen becomes smaller.

(2) space layout: space becomes smaller, in order to avoid congestion, rational use of space.

(3) the freshness of the air: the kitchen is full of soot, and the function of the ventilator and the size of the window are designed.

Kitchen dining room partition — — half open mode

1, half way kitchen and dining room partition material: glass, stainless steel, curtain (bead curtain)

Glass, stainless steel, and curtain are the best materials. The utility model can also play the role of separating smoke fumes.

2, semi open kitchen and restaurant partitions advantage

Put an end to the leakage of oil smoke and strong decorative effect, forming a rich space structure.

3, half way kitchen and dining room partition design notice

(1) adequate lighting: make full use of light. Semi open kitchen will not block the natural light.

(2) the space level of kitchen and dining room: consider space level, avoid dining-room appears drab. Open and full.

(3) partition function: kitchen fume emission problem should be considered.

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