Jin Lianchuang: Challenges and Opportunities Coexist: Waste Rubber Market Analysis

2016 Since the end of the year, the domestic scrap steel tire prices rose slightly, downstream products take the goods in general.
After the Spring Festival, scrap steel prices in most areas have a small trend, the arrival price during the Spring Festival rose 10-20 yuan / ton.
Shandong Zouping area is more than 900 scrap steel wire prices in the 750-770 yuan / ton.
Just after the Spring Festival, most of the old processing enterprises are still stocks, new to the price of waste tires rose 10-20 yuan / ton.
Hebei Yutian area more than 900 scrap wire prices in the 760-780 yuan / ton, the price is also slightly higher.
Shanxi Fenyang area more than 900 scrap steel tire prices temporarily stable, due to strict environmental supervision, operating rate is low, most companies started in the evening, offer less.
2017, the market will usher in the warm summer or still cold winter?

natural rubber prices remain high, the state encourages the application of renewable products, especially the production of powder production, in order to promote recycling and reduce business costs, so the tire production process will generally add a certain amount of recycled rubber.
Throughout the world, the auto market is gradually pick up the period, car production and sales are in a rapid upward trend, the industry analysis, 2017 world car sales will grow 4%.

domestic tire production the main raw material market price comparison (Unit: yuan / ton)

Product Name

area / size / type

week, the highest price this week, the lowest price

week week average price

chain average

natural rubber

Shanghai full latex




+ 5.86%


Shandong Qilu 1502





butadiene rubber

Shandong Qilu BR9000











2017 Shanxi, China’s domestic auto market to pick up a tire that is affected, in order to steadily
In the export side, the Chinese tires, although by the United States “double reverse” the impact, but the door of many countries has been open for us, the tire industry “Made in China” will eventually go to the world.

Therefore, Jin Lian believes that 2017 on the powder, recycled rubber industry, is full of opportunities for one year, but also a challenging year, worth the wait.

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