It’s not difficult to master 7 points and choose a good tile! Zero

New home decoration, selection of tiles is also a big project, each home has many places have to use tiles, such as bathrooms, such as kitchen, some owners like to put all the ground floor tiles. In fact, tiles and floors must be more environmentally friendly, in terms of formaldehyde emissions also occupy an absolute advantage, today we have a look at the selection of tiles must pay attention to it.

A: in the corner. The tile paving tiles, many consumers and workers have encountered problems difficult to align the corners, which shows that the flatness of the tiles may not pass, in the selection of tiles, randomly selected pieces, with eyes along the tile edges and diagonal are looked at, if found to have &ldquo Alice; ” phenomenon, that tile flatness is not enough, if not, it shows tile flatness basic clearance, this is a buy ceramic tile tips.

Two. Percussion listening: gently tap tiles, listen to their sound, the quality of better products, sounds crisp and melodious. Poor quality products due to improper raw material formulations, firing cycle is short, low burning temperature, knocking will be issued “ empty ” sound.

Three. Stitching effect: good tile size deviation is smaller, put a batch of products vertically on a plane, to see if there is uneven phenomenon. To see the level of flatness, you can close the edge of the two bricks to see if there is a gap. Good product deformation is small, paving the brick surface is smooth and beautiful. See the product color, take a few bricks to fight together, look carefully in the light, color shades of products, poor overall effect of post shop.

Four. Check the label: product packaging box should have a name and address, the name of the product, customer service telephone service, specifications, quantity, trademarks, production date and the implementation of the standards for ceramic tile, need to check the CCC certification mark, interior design and decoration of the ceramic tile, should choose a radioactive nuclide meet class a requirements of the product.

Five. Contrast varieties: floor tiles in accordance with the glaze situation, divided into glazed tiles and unglazed tiles. Glazed tiles are mainly used for floor decoration of toilets and kitchens, and are matched with inner wall tiles. Tiles are mostly polished by surface finish, and become polished tiles. Most tiles have a water absorption rate of less than 0.1%, also known as glazed tiles. Polished brick surface is as smooth as mirror, it is high-grade ceramic product.

Six. Weigh weight: a weigh the weight of the tile, generally, the same specifications of the tiles, the weight of the water absorption rate is low, the intrinsic quality is better.

Seven. Scrutinize the appearance: glazed tiles of good quality should be smooth and delicate, glossy glaze shining, matte glaze soft and comfortable. In the case of adequate natural light or fluorescent light, the bricks should be placed perpendicular to the distance of 1 meters, and no obvious glaze defects should be observed. The patterns and patterns of the bricks should be exquisite and realistic, without obvious defects such as missing color, broken wires, dislocation and so on. High quality ceramic products on the back of the shading and trademark clear and complete, little trace or defect of glaze.

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