Is there any pollution in PVC wallpaper? Environmental concerns of PVC wallpaper attract the attention of consumers. 0

PVC wallpaper is the use of PVC polymer as a material, through printing, embossing and other processes produced wallpaper. According to the degree of use of PVC materials, PVC wallpaper can be divided into three types: ordinary type, foam type, functional type. Ordinary type is based on 80G\/ square meters of paper as the paper-based, 100G\/ square meters of PVC resin coated on the surface, then through printing, embossing and other processes for surface treatment, to achieve the basic decorative effect. Foam type refers to 100G\/ square meters of paper as the substrate, the surface coated with 300~400G\/ square meters of PVC resin, this kind of resin is mixed with foaming agent. Function type is a waterproof or fireproof wallpaper, because in the PVC resin mixed with flame retardant or use waterproof glass fiber cloth as the base material, the wallpaper is mainly used for decorative toilet or bathroom wall. Recently, some netizens asked, “is there any pollution in PVC wallpaper?” In many home decoration wall decoration materials, wallpaper is more environmentally friendly material, PVC wallpaper is a wallpaper, and that in the decoration, PVC wallpaper pollution? Now let me give you the answer.

PVC Wallpapers

PVC, full name is polyvinyl chloride (polyvinyl chloride), is a kind of synthetic materials, the main ingredients of PVC, the addition of other ingredients (anti-aging agent, modifier and so on) to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility etc.. Its essence is a vacuum blister film, the top layer of this surface film is paint, the main component of the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the bottom layer is back coating adhesive.

PVC wallpaper is coated with PVC on the surface of paper, and decorated by embossing, printing, foaming and other methods.

PVC wallpaper, OK?

The current popular foamed PVC embossed wallpaper, texture thick, crisp, elastic, bright color, concave patterns are a variety of styles, three-dimensional sense of strong, thermal insulation, noise removal, water scrubbing, easy care, do not fade. In want of perfection is poor air permeability, moisture, humidity, in rainy days, there will be a &ldquo ” sweating; phenomenon, sunlight will fade yellow.

Whether wallpaper is toxic or not, we are not focusing on the kind of wallpaper, material, but from the wallpaper itself. And good PVC wallpaper is not harmful to the human body. The poison of PVC wallpaper is that consumers don’t know how to buy good PVC wallpapers. But there is one thing is that the domestic PVC wallpaper market range is wide, standard checks are not strict, leading to the presence of poor quality PVC wallpaper on the market. So, remember, quality PVC wallpaper is in line with national safety standards, and will not cause harm to the human body.

PVC wallpaper prices

Brand model price (yuan \/ volume)

Ruibao Macchiatto series 151

Rainbow bridges 658

Elegant and Anglo American 520

Etam white powder paper base 298

Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, of course, the price will vary. For more details about the price, please quote the local distributor as the standard!

Is there any pollution in PVC wallpaper? 1, formaldehyde

A problem we are very concerned about PVC wallpaper is the formaldehyde pollution how, formaldehyde pollution from PVC wallpaper base paper, if the merchant uses imported paper or natural plant fiber wallpaper base paper, PVC pollution is very small, can be neglected; another is the wallpaper glue quality in the construction of PVC wallpaper paste with the glue, is one of the sources of formaldehyde, if the glue is inferior, the formaldehyde pollution is inevitable.

Is there any pollution in PVC wallpaper? 2, heavy metal

PVC wallpaper printing exquisite texture, vivid effect, so it is used in printing inks, water-based paint with water as the diluent, the production time will not cause pollution to the environment, but if the oily pigment, with ethyl acetate as the diluent, the production time will cause pollution to the environment, heavy metals will exceed the standard on the human body, organs, nerve skin damage.

Is there any pollution in PVC wallpaper? 3, monomer vinyl chloride

PVC is a polymer coating material, PVC containing vinyl chloride monomer, normally chlorine will not cause harm to people, but if high temperature or fire, will produce chlorine free decomposition, such as content exceed the standard will make people suffocate, cannot escape.

Edit summary: above is the relevant introduction of PVC pollution PVC wallpaper wallpaper environmental problems concerned by consumers, PVC wallpaper is a common wallpaper, more environmentally friendly, but in some cases can also cause pollution, so when the purchase should pay attention to the problem of PVC wallpaper wallpaper of environmental protection.

PVC wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper and maintenance of environmental protection putty powder Family wallpaper

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