Iqiyi will be on the entire network of big movies planning, on-line filing

Iqiyi will all network big movie planning record, on-line record

Notice, for the implementation of the SARFT “notice on Further Strengthening the original network audio-visual program planning and construction and management” (hereinafter referred to as “ notice ” after), over a period of transition period, from now on, Iqiyi will be on all the big movie network planning for the record, the record on the line.

Recently did not complete the key program for the network of big movies, will be completed after the filing of the scheduled on-line, affected by this, there will be some major network film postponed on-line, please consult the broad masses of partners.

Delayed on-line video, on-line time to record the process time, after the extension, such as the completion of the record, we will notify the relevant partners the first time.

In order to facilitate the understanding of the recording process of the big movies on the Internet, and to prevent the impact of the filing on the film line, we hereby notify you of the relevant matters concerning the filing of the big film on the Internet as follows. Please inform our partners and make sure that they are carried out in accordance with the regulations.

One, all network big movie all need to put on record

According to &ldquo, notify &rdquo that any of the following five categories of key programme requirements shall be independently recorded by the website.

1, the Internet audio-visual service units to promote the main program;

2, plans to be on the Internet audio-visual service unit website (client) homepage promotion program;

3, intends to give priority to the members of the website to watch the program;

4, invest more than 5 million yuan network drama, or invest more than 1 million yuan of online movies (micro film);

5, the Internet audio-visual service units voluntarily record other key network original audio-visual programs.

Two, the network big movie needs to carry on “ plans ” and “ on-line ” two time records

Apart from the film on the line for the record, all films published in the form of large network movies, all need to project planning for the record.

1, two kinds of filing by video on-line video site operation;

2, has or will soon be in the Iqiyi open platform submission of network big movie works, we will submit the work according to fill in the relevant information, planning the film for the record;

Network Movie 3, is still in the pre project, has not yet been submitted at the Iqiyi open platform, but the project will advance to send data according to the following record way beloved Qiyi relevant person in charge of the mailbox, plan ahead to save the record on time.

Three, filing methods and processes

1. planning for the record:

Download the movie registration information form template;

Fill in the attached information in the attached form and send it to;

Mail theme annotated [Planning filing] + title;

Record content: film titles; production units; radio and television licensing; program type; subject matter; age; content summary of more than 1500 words; ideological content more than 300 words;

Audit cycle: 20 working days (radio and television audit), +5 working days (Iqiyi self trial).

2., on-line filing:

To be submitted after obtaining the planning filing number;

Submit content: film director, producer, starring, collection, in a timely manner and other basic information;

Audit cycle: 20 working days (radio and television audit), +5 working days (Iqiyi self trial).

More than 3. of the process is to review the standard time, the following conditions are not limited to 20 working days:

(1) the contents of the records do not meet the requirements and need to be revised;

(2) on the stage of on-line filing, the titles are inconsistent with the planning filing, the length of time does not match, and the contents of the story are not in conformity with each other, so it is necessary to go through the approval process from the planning stage;

(3) a major theme of revolutionary history or politics, military, diplomacy, national security, the United Front, nationality, religion, justice, public security and other special subject program audit feedback time from 20 working days to limit;

(4) if there is any doubt about the film, the video website should submit the video program for examination.

4. The contents of the film release license (Dragon label) and the teleplay distribution license shall not be restricted by the above filing requirements

Four, please pay special attention to these points

Be sure to fill in the “ production of the TV program; the business license; the name of the unit ” and “ the license number ” otherwise, it cannot be filed;

Program type can not be modified, both network movies (micro film);

Categories, times, types of reports, subjects, and whether the major themes, these items need to be listed in the drop-down menu, not to fill in their own;

Content description of not less than 1500 words, preferably not more than 1800 words. Ideological content is not less than 300 words, and can not be copied, content introduction;

Pay attention to introduction and connotation are not can appear typos, network language, or copy the contents of malicious scrape words phenomenon. |

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