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Xiaobian believe that we have encountered in the life of the sewer pipe blockage problem, this problem so that many people feel headache, do not know how to do, then in the pipeline dredging what is the way? What tools can be used to dredge the sewer? Don’t worry. Let’s introduce the drainage tools and dredge the sewer.

What are the drainage tools?:

1, pipeline dredging – channel dredging agent

Water pipeline dredge in dredging agent is currently on the market the most common plumbing products, suitable for the sewer pipe blockage in the hair, greasy paper, etc., are widely used in hotels, restaurants, families and other places of the pool that wash dish, washbasin, bathtub, toilet, floor drain, dredge. When the waterway dredge is used, the sewer pipe can not be damaged, and the electric plating layer is not damaged. In use, first of all, to clean the sink or sanitary ware in the water, pour 50-100G channel dredge agent into the sewer pipe, about 20 minutes later, with a lot of water pouring.

2, pipe dredge – soda powder and vinegar

In the pipeline dredge, if it is caused by oil pollution blockage, you can use 20% of soda water to dredge, or you can plug into the sewer pipe into 1 cups of washing powder, and then pour 3 cups of hot water. If this does not dredge the sewer, you can pour 1 more vinegar into it. Baking soda and vinegar is more suitable for the blockage of the sewer using a mild case, if the sewer blockage is relatively serious, so this method is not practical, can choose other more effective methods to dredge.

3, pipe dredge – hand spiral steel wire

The more common use of the tool to clear the pipeline is a spiral wire, if the bath hair left caused by the blockage, only from the floor drain dredge, the hand screw wire from the leak shook down the side forward, until you feel a foreign body, and then shook to pull and plug the hair and other objects will spin in the spiral steel wire, pipe dredge is smoothly done or easily solved. More moderate, in the bathroom sewer dredge, in use more convenient.

How to dredge sewers?:

1, because the kitchen drainage contains a large number of animal and plant oil, wherein the oil molecules with detergent, salt and other metal particles in the reactor, and decreases with the temperature gradually attached to the inner wall of the pipeline, and the formation of fatty acid soap with sediment deposit. Gradually thickening, commonly known as &ldquo for many, many years to come the pipeline is blocked; oil plug ”. Using the pipeline dredge agent, the blockage can be fully dissolved in the normal temperature water, and the condenser is no longer condensed, and the downstream pipeline and the oil separation tank can be effectively kept flowing.

2, bath drain pipe (shower floor drain or bath tub) jam is mainly hair, recommend strong alkaline dredge or manual household pipe dredge machine.

3, the toilet (toilet) plug the first choice of skin, son, the effect is not satisfactory when the skin, the use of urine alkali dredge solution, such a high probability of blocking. Finally, you can use the hand toilet dredge

4, find a professional plumber unchoking at home, but should be charged, at least 50 yuan.

Editor’s summary: dredge sewer tools, and what are the ways to dredge the sewer, introduced here, hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to Qijia network.

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