Internet tide strikes, paint brand crisis imminent

] the development of any thing is not smooth sailing, and we must have the preparation for the crisis at any moment. For the traditional coating industry, the importance of brand image is self-evident. But as the tide of the Internet approaches, the probability of crisis faced by coating enterprises has increased greatly. It can be said that the coating brand crisis is imminent.
Internet tide surge struck, paint brand crisis imminent
With the Internet tide raging hit, make the paint brands into the prone stage, especially with the development of information technology, the network environment appears many new changes, the rapid expansion of the blog, micro-blog, WeChat, Internet and other media, which greatly reduces the cost of communication and access to information. In such a &ldquo hit by the Internet; virtual space ” “ good things do not go out; bad news travels ” becomes a matter of course.
Brand crisis can make brand reputation and influence suffer serious blow
In a hot and competitive environment, brand image is a positive factor to drive sales of products, but no one can exclude the unexpected factors that may happen. Although brand image is a vital part of enhancing the comprehensive strength of coatings enterprises, the development of any thing can not be smooth sailing.
Brand crisis categories are generally divided into quality problems, false propaganda, property disputes caused, etc., a little attention, paint enterprises may face brand crisis “ attack ”. Enterprises can not promptly respond to measures, may directly lead to enterprise brands swallowed up by the market, destroyed, or even disappeared. The impact of the crisis is far more than this, but also lead to lack of brand trust, sales decline sharply, brand reputation and influence suffered a severe blow.
Crisis ridden paint companies need to be vigilant all the time
Paint enterprises in such a crisis ridden environment, how to highlight “ tight encirclement ” become the current paint companies need vigilance and early prevention of the main issues.
First, we should have a crisis management framework, and many large-scale enterprises should have crisis management measures. We can study and formulate crisis management plans and related arrangements through the establishment of crisis management teams.
The two is to have a crisis monitoring and evaluation mechanism, the vast majority of the crisis is a sign, and the problem from emergence to evolution as a crisis, there must be a process of development. Therefore, we must have a monitoring mechanism for crisis signs, and strive to do early detection, early disposal, early initiative, to defuse the crisis in the bud.
Three is to have a crisis response plan, to predict the possible situation, study the crisis should be taken after the measures, procedures and division of labor, the development of detailed brand crisis management plan and media communication channels.
Coating enterprises in the development process, it will inevitably encounter all kinds of “ stumbling block ”. As long as the correct attitude, regard it as a discipline, in the crisis to find their own shortcomings, and with a positive attitude to respond to customers, you can “ save yourself in distress, ”.

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