International titanium dioxide industry will usher in a global winter

[] since the fourth quarter of 2014 since the global titanium dioxide market prices into a persistent decline in the channel, according to the Chinese coating purchase network to understand, the current price of domestic titanium dioxide market has dropped to 12500 yuan \/ ton, a record low, the market price of titanium dioxide in Europe and North America also continued to decline, the titanium dioxide industry will usher in a global winter.
Leading exporters of titanium dioxide generally expect prices to stay at $2600-2700 \/ tonne (CFR Asia), but competitive prices in the Chinese market are depressing the overall market sentiment.
In December 19th, the price was negotiated at 2450-2800 yuan \/ ton (CFR Asia), a decline of $50-150 \/ ton over a month ago, and the specific price varies due to volume, origin and specifications.
One dealer said, “&ldquo, the amount of goods directly determines the price trend; as the slowdown in economic growth, titanium dioxide demand in the third quarter was affected, and this time coincides with the traditional demand for titanium dioxide season.”. ”
He added: ““ lower than expected peak demand has led to a substantial increase in the fourth quarter, especially in Europe and Southeast Asia.”. As the end of the year approached, traders had to make a clearance sale to stimulate their desire to buy. ”
In mid December, the price of China’s export of goods was concentrated at US $1900-2000 \/ ton (FOB China). At the beginning of the month, held in Guangzhou China coatings show not to the downturn in the market with some vitality, contrary to some suppliers to sell at a low price, in order to return the funds.
Pessimism about the growth of demand for titanium dioxide this month was accompanied by a contraction in China’s credit policy and the slump in the property market.
The strengthening of the dollar, as well as the major Asian economic giants &mdash, &mdash, and China, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand, are expected to dampen import sentiment as a result of a slowdown in economic growth.
Buyers of plastics and polymers are bearish on the oil market because the recent trend in crude oil has had a strong impact on the polymer market.
In addition, resins, plastic derivatives, raw materials market is also in decline channel.
A PVC buyer believes that titanium dioxide will reproduce the price in 2008, when the price range is 2150-2575 U. S. dollars \/ ton (CFR Asia).
Buyers in the paint and coatings industry believe that the price of titanium dioxide should be lower, given lower energy costs and other additional materials such as solvents and paint additives.
As a result, in December 12th, when the weekly business talk about price decline mainly, the expected price than the previous discussion price fell 50-300 U. S. dollars \/ ton.
The weakening trend of Asian titanium dioxide is expected to continue from December to January next year, under the influence of the Spring Festival holiday. At the end of January to February, market transactions will also be at a relatively slow state.
Insiders said that under normal circumstances, the end of March or early April will be a corresponding increase in market demand. Therefore, the market trend in March will depend on the performance of the market in the peak demand season in late 2015.
Demand for titanium dioxide in the world is expected to rise by 3.6% to 5 million 740 thousand tonnes in 2014. Paint industry is still dominant.
2010-2020 years, China’s consumption of titanium dioxide is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6.5%, to promote the annual growth rate of 4% in the world, while European consumption in this period will remain unchanged.
The Asia Pacific region is a net importer of titanium dioxide. As an important pigment, titanium dioxide is used in the paint and coating industry, accounting for 50-60%, the plastics industry accounts for 20-25%, and the remainder is used in rubber, printing ink, textile and paper industry.
Industry insiders said: “ China accounted for more than 30% of global total consumption; followed by Europe, about 20%. ”
China is the main exporter of titanium dioxide in sulfuric acid process, and consumers are mainly concentrated in the United States, Latin America, Europe and India, and a small proportion in the Asia Pacific region.

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