Interesting stories to share with Manning Marshall

At present, the New York giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) is trying to do anything to help themselves with quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) learning tactics together.

Recently he shared with us the interesting story, with a &ldquo and Manning; the day we just rushed the bath, all wearing a towel, he just changed clothes in half, when he suddenly asked me stroke gestures match.

Clearly and Marshall said before &ldquo Manning; the same time, Manning will be at any time with the memories and gestures and his tactics. Marshall said he and Manning discussed what sometimes at breakfast, Manning suddenly gave him tactical password test.

Although it is a joke, but Marshall really in the heart of the memory of those tactics, and very respected Manning, he said: “ he is I experienced the most exquisite details of a quarterback, he knows what he wants and how to do this. I have a running route more than 2 steps, he threw the ball on the ground, pulled me to the sidelines to guide me how to take this route.

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