Integration of the domestic trend of the more stringent integration, intelligent ceiling also unwilling to lag behind

[in recent years, the integrated ceiling has increased the power input in the development, and some new products have come to market. The traditional toilet ceiling is now a breakthrough in both function and beauty. The trend of integration together with the whole Home Furnishing industry, the development of cross-border integration and integrated ceiling brand and other industry brands are constantly deepened, the future development prospects of the industry expected, in 2015 the new loose economic environment, the industry are ready to take hold.
Home integration further strengthened, Baotuan cooperation, so that complementary advantages
In 2014, integrated ceiling and other home industry which word is the most fiery; “ cross-border ” should be considered as a hot spot in the industry. In fact, the essence of cross-border integration of &rdquo, “ Home Furnishing; consumers to buy many Home Furnishing products, they need in the same shop without “ and ” and the trouble back and forth, but also let the whole Home Furnishing style more harmonious, more beautiful. So many companies doing integrated ceiling began to dabble in other home industries.
Because the market needs, in 2015, this trend will not be weakened, it will certainly be intensified. But the small and medium-sized enterprises such as integrated ceiling Home Furnishing itself does not have the strength to do cross-border, insufficient funds, limited production capacity, so the situation in front of how to handle this? “ group cooperation ” it will be a good direction.
Environmental protection requirements are more stringent, green development can adapt to the trend of the times
Green health has been raised in the integrated ceiling industry, but as of 2014, the market on integrated ceiling products environmental non-compliance is still quite a lot of complaints. The main reason is that there are many enterprises with luck, and even will be exposed, &ldquo rich ” wilful punishment. However, with the further deepening of consumer environmental protection requirements, the future integrated ceiling products, if not green, will “ notorious ”.
The most important point is the new “environmental protection law” has been officially implemented, the implementation of the law not only brought &ldquo to the development of environmental protection enterprises integrated ceiling; inhibition of ” it is, further enhance consumer awareness of green environmental protection, the two together will make green become integrated ceiling enterprises but also around the ridge, the daily penalty “ ” “ fine unlimited ” such regulations will make “ &rdquo enterprises have nouveau riche; not self willed.
And if integrated ceiling enterprises do not take the green development path, in the “ overall home ” development, it will inevitably find alliances. After all, who do not want to find a time bomb, “ ” minutes may pull yourself together into the water, to fall back on.
Intelligent integrated ceiling will continue to force, product development into the mainstream of humanity
Everybody says that 2014 is the first year of the smart Home Furnishing, whether it is intelligent but Different people, different views., Home Furnishing in 2014 has made great progress which is beyond doubt. Whether Apple released the smart Home Furnishing APP, Google is still heavily in the acquisition of intelligent Home Furnishing enterprises, or millet, Haier, Ali and other domestic giants have opened Home Furnishing strategy shows that the intelligent, intelligent Home Furnishing era is coming. In the future, whether it is toilet ceiling, or living room, corridor, restaurant and other regional ceiling, will usher in a new era of intelligence.
However, some people say that smart home is “ big thunder, small raindrops ” from the 2014 smart home results, this argument does have some truth. But throughout the development of the times, any revolutionary innovative products is not easy, the popularity of smart mobile phone also has a process of nearly ten years, so in 2015 and subsequent years, intelligent development will be a major trend in the integrated ceiling enterprises must seriously Home Furnishing etc..
In addition, the development of intelligent purpose is more humane, more convenient for people’s life, so in the current intelligent integrated ceiling is still in its infancy, integrated ceiling enterprises can realize &ldquo through other methods; human ” requirements in the customized on the basis of the actual consumer preferences and habits more detailed design, it can better meet the needs of consumers, but also in the future &ldquo intelligent user experience; ” get more experience, occupy the future market opportunities.
Generally speaking, the development trend of the industry can not be said, and the future direction of the enterprise is not on the one or two words can be fixed. Therefore, the trend and development are, fundamentally speaking, the reasons for further understanding of market trends for some market developments. Enterprises to develop, and finally have to return to the actual, according to local conditions, the development trend and its own combination of circumstances, to find the most suitable direction for their progress.

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