Integrated ceiling free marketing, how to play this card?

[] the integrated ceiling industry more and more enterprises, products are more and more, the rapid development, there is a feeling of squandering charming eyes. Fierce competition brings about innovations in marketing tools. At present, free marketing popular, from entering the shop to buy a gift courtesy, and that in the end free marketing this card how to play?
Can free really attract the attention of consumers?
Although many people have the mentality of taking advantage of the small, but there is also a saying in the West called “ there is no free lunch, ”. People are familiar with this, so even if the merchant is under the banner of free, they have to weigh the “ cheap ” can not be accounted for, the value is not worth accounting for. Not all “ cheap ” all consumers need; if a person doesn’t need something, even if it’s really free, few people will. Therefore, not all free can attract the attention of consumers.
Give free what others want for free marketing
Although now a lot of free, but can really achieve their purpose, free marketing is not much. For example, Taobao now has a lot of praise back, and its essence is not free, but for their own shops to establish a good image. And for consumers, cash back is equivalent to cheap goods, but also a reason to attract consumers. In the integrated ceiling industry, there have been many free marketing. For example, integrated ceiling to buy a living room can send a kitchen or toilet, although such free is not unconditional, but the need to purchase the integrated ceiling of consumers is a real benefits. But imagine if the launch of a free delivery integrated ceiling of 1 square meters, it does not need for renovation of the customer will not because of the preferential and re decoration again, and the need for the decoration of the family, the benefits do not seem awesome. By comparison, we know that the first free marketing is much better than the second. Because of the home decoration to buy clothes you can buy one, so to those who need to achieve the purpose of marketing offers free.
Free marketing is a marketing approach for businesses. After all, its role is to promote consumption. However, free marketing can also be mutually beneficial, if the business sales can improve, and the purchase price of consumers can be reduced, it will be a win-win situation. Integrated ceiling business should do a good job locking the target population and improve the way, so that free marketing to maximize effectiveness.

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