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Before understanding the children’s room chandelier, we first come to understand the relevant knowledge of children’s room. Reasonably decorate children room, for the healthy growth of children, to cultivate the ability of independent living children, has an important significance to enlighten their wisdom, so the design and color in the children’s room, to Caution! And reasonable collocation principle. Well, what kind of lamps are used for children’s rooms? Children’s room chandeliers what are the notes? Don’t worry. If you need this, you can follow me to learn more about children’s room chandeliers and other related knowledge.

What lights are used in children’s rooms?

Bulb should have protective cover: choose enclosed lampshade of lamp, reduce the risk of electric shock.

Wall lamp lead should be put into the wall: if the installation of wall light, pay attention to the power cord exposed, but also the installation of wall type dimming switch, to facilitate children in the night switch lights.

Children room chandelier notes

Children room chandelier notes1.在儿童卧室灯风水中

The boy was chosen in the East and the north. The girl was chosen in the southeast. Attention should be paid to the orientation of the bedroom.

Children room chandelier notes2.在灯饰的款式选择上

Cartoon shapes and loving lights help children grow up.

Children room chandelier notes3.在灯饰的数量上

Take the odd number as the best. Be careful not to tie the three lights together to form a bad message. Otherwise, it will do harm to children’s growth.

What’s good for children’s room?

Lighting fixtures for children’s rooms: Lighting

If the installation of wall lamps, pay attention to the power cord should not be exposed, so as not to cause the risk of electric shock. It can also be equipped with wall type dimmer switch, which is convenient for children to switch lights at night.

Lamps for children’s room installation two: from the protective cover

Choose enclosed lampshade or a protective cover to reduce the risk of electric shock.

Children’s room installation of lamps three: from the installation socket

Taking into account the children’s learning, entertainment, activities and storage needs, at least reserve 6 power sockets, so as to avoid potential safety hazards during use.

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