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The sink, as one of the kitchen things we use regularly, is very prone to problems because some areas are corroded, causing clogging and leaking of water tanks and affecting our entire kitchen. In addition to the choice of different materials, the important thing is the kitchen sink, the installation of the pot under the basin, then, for the installation of kitchen sink, you know how much? What are some of the considerations in the installation of a kitchen sink under the sink? Don’t worry. Let me introduce the installation steps of the kitchen sink under the sink!

Tank bottom pan mounting – faucet

The first step is to install the faucet. The faucet has cold, hot cent, do not make mistake position.

Installation of water tank under water trough inlet pipe

Pay attention to the location of the two inlet pipes, the installation methods and methods are very similar, prepared in advance, will not make mistakes.

Installation of pan under sink

The so-called hanging pieces, in order to avoid gaps and accessories. With a good hanging pieces, the use of screws clamping leveling, using silica gel to seal the water tank surrounding and mesa.

Sink bottom pan mounting – drain pipe

One end is connected to the drain of the sink, and the other end is connected to the underground drain. Note the connection between the two, whether it is firm, sealed, and so on.

Sink under table installation – complete acceptance

Whether the water supply and drainage is unobstructed, whether the seal is proper, whether water seepage, etc.. If water seepage, rework immediately.

Sink pan — why is the pan under the pot not good maintenance?

The sink can be divided into platform, platform, pan and platform. The basin can be wiped to the sewage in the basin. A basin or a flat basin on a platform needs a glass or glue bar. When the glass is softened, the sink can be removed. The lower pan was removed in a violent manner, damaging the stones and sinks. Suggest that you buy better quality under the pan, the service life is relatively long.

Sink trough — replacement and maintenance of table basin

The sink is not broken. The tap is broken. Is it convenient to change? I suggest you use your hand wrench or socket wrench. In the decoration, choose the right way to install, but also pay attention to regularly check the tank and dredge.

Editor’s summary: the above is the kitchen, water trough, table basin installation and maintenance related knowledge, hope to help friends in this area! For more information, please continue to focus on our website and the follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also go to the Qijia shopping mall to buy your favorite product!

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