Innovation is the source of tile enterprise development

[] innovation is the product of the industry on the original power, ceramic tile enterprises has reached a bottleneck stage of transition, the expansion and development of ceramic tile brands, the most basic thing is to survive in tile product innovation, with the progress of technology, the brand is more a bigger push to do marketing, in order to seize the need the market and consumer demand.
The market has given the signal, so that more and more companies see the competitive pattern in the changes: first, strengthen the industry concentration, industry is close to the brand scale, management direction; secondly, the leading brand of industry is formed, with the brand competition advantage of enterprise competitive advantage in the market gradually emerged. Throughout the entire tile industry market situation, how to stand in the height of the development of the industry to develop its own direction and strategy, which is our tile enterprises should consider the problem.
With the increasing degree of specialization in the tile market, many consumers become more and more &ldquo when they buy Tiles; &rdquo is picky; all kinds of factors are the objects they consider. And tile is an important part of family decoration, but also the largest home decoration “ face ” problems, so the purchase of tiles has become the most cautious consumers. Therefore, the market will gradually appear more and more tiles of the size of the brand, so that tile market pressure and competition more and more strong, innovation has become a business in 2015 annual ceramic tile market most attention to a topic.
How to maintain the healthy development of ceramic tile industry, must be controlled from the source ceramics market, targeting high-end market has gradually become the enterprise development strategy, strengthen the production enterprise self-discipline, from raw materials to the production process strictly controlled to ensure the stability of product quality, but also is not environmentally friendly. Through efforts to improve product technology content, increase independent innovation, in order to achieve the road of sustainable development.
In the ceramic tile industry has experienced rapid development lags behind, from the beginning of 2014, the transition period is relatively stable, the development of relatively slow, and the environmental protection requirements for the development of the industry is more and more high, when tile enterprises with all his strength changes in the fight, should take innovation as the source of enterprise development, the establishment of the core value system of self the core cast the future.
From China ceramic tile industry depth research and development trends analysis report, the future drive China ceramic tile industry development power must be innovation. Enterprise to engage in creative, less engaged in innovation in the strength of the case, the tile to the development of an enterprise must make innovation, continuous innovation, enterprises can not great, but it must be in their respective market segments which continue to do the best to do this, it needs innovation.

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