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Floor tiles are one of the indispensable materials for decoration, and many new home tenants are puzzled about how to choose floor tiles. Now the market floor tile variety, the price is uneven, then the floor tile’s price is what kind of? How to buy indoor floor tiles? Let’s take a look at the interior floor tile selection skills and indoor floor tiles price list.

How to buy indoor floor tiles?

How to buy indoor floor tiles?一:看表面

Good floor tiles are usually of clear patterns, uniform lines, flat and smooth, special flower patterns and concave and convex. Tonal harmony, unity, observation, feeling full color, no color difference.

How to buy indoor floor tiles?二:看尺寸

A good floor tile should be of regular size, without big head, with an accurate cutting angle, four edges straight and upright, and at any angle on the same horizontal surface.

How to buy indoor floor tiles?三:看胚色

The floor brick color should be white, feel natural raw material impurities, the thickness of homogeneous materials, no obvious irregular.

How to buy indoor floor tiles?四:看包装

The product of the floor tile should be beautifully packed and strong. The printing of the typeface is distinct, and the color number of the batch number is clearly marked. The factory should have the inspection report, the certificate of quality and the manual of the factory.

How to buy indoor floor tiles?五:看厚度

A good general floor thickness should be greater than 8 mm, the floor is too thin to good due to the low strength in the construction is easily broken, difficult construction, durable.

How to buy indoor floor tiles?六:听声音

All parts of the floor tiles should be struck with iron. The sound should be uniform, the sound is loud and clear, and the metal sound of the floor tiles is good. The brick is fine in size, high in strength, strong in structure and good in durability.

Price list of indoor floor tiles

Indoor floor tile brand is different, the price is different, the following through different brands introduce indoor floor tile Market price.

Marco Polo flooring tile price list

Dongpeng flooring brick price list

以上关于How to buy indoor floor tiles?以及Price list of indoor floor tiles就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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