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With the progress of modern times and science and technology, people’s demands for home environment are higher and higher. In order to ensure the health of the people, the state and relevant departments issued a series of regulations and standards to ensure the safety of people’s living environment, the implementation of these standards make the air monitoring law, an important role in the control of indoor pollution. Here we will introduce: indoor air pollution testing standards and indoor air pollution “ anti ” “ governance ” both hands.

Indoor air test standard:

1. “civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control” GB50325-2001 (2006 Edition) is the national mandatory standards, must be enforced; “indoor air quality standards” GB\/T18883-2002 is the recommended national standard, laws and regulations is not mandatory, only the contract agreement of the parties are required to achieve the standard mandatory role in the agreement.

2. of consumers in the decoration after the completion of GB50325-2001, should according to “civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control” (2006 Edition) were detected; the furniture in place or in a period of time, should the indoor air quality testing to “indoor air quality standards GB\/T18883-2002.

Requirements for indoor air testing:

1. representative: sampling time, sampling sites and sampling methods must comply with the relevant provisions, so that the samples collected can reflect the overall situation.

2. integrity: the main emphasis on the implementation of the inspection plan should be complete, that is, according to the plan to ensure that the number of sampling and measurement data integrity, systematic and continuity.

3. comparability: the determination of the same sample between laboratories or the same laboratory is comparable to each other.

4. accuracy: the degree of conformity between measured and true values.

5. precision: measured values have good repeatability and reproducibility.

The indoor air quality standard of the 4 categories of 19 parameters, civil engineering acceptance, harmful substances should be frequent detection in indoor environment: formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), to supervise the construction of control of civil engineering material selection and dosage. But for the civil construction of private should be based on the material characteristics and the specific situation of homeowners monitored objects including interior decoration can accept the inspection fee amount to determine the specific monitoring items, in addition, according to different seasons detection requirements for PM10, total bacterial number. In short, the determination of the number of sampling points and the selection of monitoring items should be based on the selection of the objects to be detected. For the civil construction works acceptance, should be strictly controlled and the source of supervision and control of indoor air pollution; for the detection of private property should not only consider the characteristics and layout of the site decoration homeowners will also can correctly reflect the level of indoor air pollutants.

Indoor air pollution; “ anti ” “ governance ” two hands:

First of all: people want to decorate the house, we must pay attention in the choice of decoration materials, decoration materials for quality control at the same time, but also should pay attention to decoration materials, and whether the green decoration materials in line with national standards. Decoration housing using green decoration materials, can greatly reduce the probability of indoor air pollution.

Secondly, the use of green decoration materials in line with national standards, but also can not completely prevent indoor air pollution. After decorating the house, it is best to put some greenery inside the house for the purpose of controlling the indoor air. Chlorophytum, Sansevieria etc., have a good effect on air purification, activated carbon is a kind of natural indoor air treatment items.

Again, if the above methods can not effectively reduce indoor air pollution, then find the indoor air to air professional management company governance, so that improve indoor air quality.

Editorial summary: indoor air pollution testing standards and indoor air pollution “ anti ” “ governance ” two hands on the introduction here, I hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to family planning network.

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