India and Nepal will build new cross-border transmission lines

India and Nepal have agreed to build new cross-border transmission lines to help Nepal’s power projects being developed to deliver electricity.
(India), Lumke (Nepal) – Barelli (India) transmission lines, as well as in the city of Dulkoba, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States,
The new 400
kilovolt substations have been discussed.

The construction and funding of transmission lines will be discussed by the Joint Technical Group.
India’s embassy in Kathmandu said in a statement that the Indian side expressed willingness to consider building a new letter of credit in Nepal.

During the meeting, India indicated that it was prepared to conduct training on Nepalese engineers in terms of operational and commercial aspects.
The Indian power grid company is willing to provide special training courses to meet the requirements of the Nepalese side.

While assessing the progress of several Indian-funded hydropower projects, there are also concerns about delays in the harvesting of the Allen-III (900 MW) and on Canary (900 MW) project, which can lead to delays and impacts
Economic feasibility.
The Nepalese side said that these issues will be resolved within two months.

Nepal also expressed interest in buying LED bulbs from India.
India has installed more than 210 million LED bulbs, improving power efficiency and reducing costs.
Nepal plans to install 7.7 million LED bulbs in the next few years.

Nepal made some objections, the Indian side said that the government issued a new guide to cross-border electric power trade is “fair and free.”
“The guidelines provide a lot of confidence and certainty for developers interested in exporting electricity to India.”

Nepal appreciates the Indian government’s efforts to supply more electricity to Nepal to overcome the winter’s energy shortages.
By installing an additional transformer in Muzaff Fulpur and technical improvements at Tarnacarp, it is expected to import 380 megawatts from India.
With the introduction of two new transmission lines (Raxaul-Parwanipur and Kataiya-Kusaha), by the end of February, the export power to Nepal will increase by 100MW to 120MW.
Once the substation in Darker is completed, the export capacity will increase further to 700 megawatts by mid-2017.

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