Increasingly grim competition situation, small and medium-sized flooring enterprises how to break through adversity?

Since the flooring industry has been standardized production, its access threshold is relatively low, coupled with a series of external factors to promote, so that in recent years, the number of flooring industry enterprises increased year by year. This directly makes the flooring industry market competition increased, and some small and medium-sized flooring enterprises because of the strength of funds and other non competitive advantages, in this context, the development of the situation has become even more difficult.
Fierce competition in the market, small and medium-sized floor enterprises unbearable pressure
China’s wooden flooring industry has a huge prospect, but faces fierce competition. As early as 2004, China’s wood flooring production has reached 2. 5 billion 800 million square meters, the annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan, attracted a lot of money and enterprises poured into the industry. Huge new market space includes low-level competition, competition between large enterprises and small and medium-sized flooring enterprises also has a greater degree of competition.
At present, the development of the entire flooring industry is not satisfactory, the big fish eat small fish, small fish eat small shrimp market competition, small and medium-sized enterprises of this group of &ldquo ” the small shrimp is very careful. In order to compete with large enterprises it is after, first of all to face is how to survive in the narrow niche market, keep the castle in, is not afraid of firewood.
Small and medium-sized flooring enterprise development needs “ local conditions ”
On the current floor market situation, compared with ordinary small enterprises, in the industry market, big business sales decision-making cycle is long, many decision-makers and so on. Large enterprises mainly sold through dealers, companies only need to accurately grasp the market direction, but due to the large number of dealers, area wide distribution and scattered, enterprise sales terminal of the control is relatively weak, the difficulty of implementing enterprise sales policy is greater.
And small businesses are different, business focus, you can quickly change the market to make timely adjustments in sales policy. Therefore, in order to make the situation more open, it is feasible for SMEs to start from the weak link of their competitors in the process of change. Small and medium-sized enterprise funds chain is weak, a careless capital chain rupture, enterprise structure will collapse immediately, and then big change also nothing to fill, so the small and medium-sized enterprise money to spend on the edge of the knife, should not be easy to take risks.
Facing the increasingly severe competition situation, small and medium-sized flooring enterprises should be calm, thoughtful, otherwise, blind change will only be the survival of the fragile environment of enterprises into the collapse of the edge. To formulate a strategy suitable for self development is the way out for the road of sustainable development.

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