Increase the natural rubber industry support and nurturing efforts

At the provincial two sessions, the delegation issued a proposal on increasing the support and cultivation of the natural rubber industry.

It is understood that rubber cultivation has always been the province of central mountain farmers get rich one of the main industries.
2016 compared with 2011, per acre rubber production costs from 1050 yuan / mu rose to 1,800 yuan / mu, the average price of rubber latex from the past 25,000 yuan / ton fell to 9500 yuan / ton, the natural rubber industry
Stable development has been a great threat.
As of the end of 2015, the province’s natural rubber planting area reached 813.08 million mu, direct practitioners 600,000 people, indirect employees more than 100 million people.

Qiongzhong delegation proposed to optimize the layout of agricultural areas to the main functional area planning and advantages of agricultural products (11.880, 0.00, 0.00%) layout planning as the basis, scientific and reasonable delineation of rice, wheat, corn grain production functional areas and soybeans, cotton
, Rapeseed, sugar cane, natural rubber and other important agricultural production of protected areas, which Hainan natural rubber industry sustained and healthy development is a major positive.
112199887121121991238871111219982387 At the same time, in the central mountain area to build a standardized plastic garden, the proposed provincial and municipal governments to introduce natural rubber production base construction planning, the establishment of rubber development fund to improve the natural rubber seed subsidies standards to strengthen pest monitoring and prevention and control technology and application.

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