In the next 5 years, some conventional coatings will be transferred to heavy-duty coatings

At present, the average annual growth rate of China’s conventional anticorrosive coatings is around 40%, and the average annual growth rate of heavy duty anticorrosive coatings is around 18%, which is not in accordance with the relevant plans in china.
According to the authoritative agency released the “Chinese anticorrosive coatings industry market demand forecast 2014-2018 year strategic planning and investment analysis report” analysis, due to the heavy anti-corrosion coatings and wide application, the status of the industry is extremely important, also has important significance for energy saving and emission reduction, the State encourages and supports the heavy anti-corrosion coating technology research and development, production, so the production capacity is expected in the next 5 years some conventional anti-corrosion coatings will turn to heavy anti-corrosion coating, plus the base of the conventional anti-corrosion coatings increased, output growth rate will drop to 15%-20%, while the heavy anti-corrosion coatings production growth rate will remain at 15% the left and right.
Accordingly, it is estimated that by 2015, China’s conventional anti-corrosion coating and heavy duty anticorrosive coating will reach 3 million tons and 1 million 500 thousand tons respectively, and the total output of anticorrosive coating will reach 4 million 500 thousand tons, and by 2017 or up to 6 million tons.

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