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Nowadays, many families have wooden floors, and the wooden floors look more textured and have better decorative effects. Therefore, they are loved by many consumers. But the wooden floor is easy to scratch, affecting the appearance, maintenance more troublesome. If the change will cost a lot of manpower and resources, why not try to repair it yourself? Next, let’s introduce the most complete floor repair in history.

Common diseases of wooden floor

1, moth eaten: because the insect bite in the wood, wood floor surface often can see a pile of a pile of powder, annoying. The reason is related to the selection of wood flooring. To prevent infestation, buy a dry kiln steam injection process to produce wood floors, although the price is more expensive, but the timber in the eggs killed; two is to choose keel seriously, always have bug eye or bark, are not.

2, grilled seam: some wood flooring shop over a few days, there will be a large gap between the slats. Most of this is related to the high moisture content of wood flooring before paving and shrinkage due to indoor high temperature or air drying. Note that the moisture content of wood flooring shall be within 8%&mdash, &mdash, and 13%, and shall be oiled in time.

3: Sound: because the wood floor laying quality is not high, people walking on it will make creak sound, hear very uncomfortable. To this end, attention should be paid to the keel and the ground, the floor and the keel between the solid, with the number and length of nails appropriate. At the same time, to prevent the keel spacing is too large or too high moisture content, otherwise, after laying dry, shrinkage, loose, will also have some impact.

4, dirty board: refers to some wooden floor after painting, give a person with a clean “ gray ” feeling, and some even footprints are clearly visible. To prevent this from occurring, it is important to keep the wood surface clean before sanding to the oil brush.

5, face: the use of the same species of lath, color will also have the big difference. If laid properly, they can easily show a Hualian &rdquo “. Laying in the use of wood varnish wood floor, especially when the great tree color strip, you should consider the selection and deployment of lath, do wood floor color or by the shallow depth from the shallower to the deeper, gradual transition.

6, from the drum: some wood flooring in the shop after the expansion of damp and appear drum. This is mostly related to the environment around the wooden floor, especially the base water or wood floors. In order to ensure that the wood floor not drum should pay attention to three points: first, the civil engineering at the end, not immediately laying wood floors; two, if the room in the moist environment, the laying of moisture-proof wooden floor is appropriate; three, when paving, wooden floors wet rate not less than 6%.

7, get warped: This is mainly because the solid wood floor has not been caused by the normal drying treatment. Therefore, in the installation, you can put a layer of plastic film under the wooden floor, on the one hand to prevent moisture and prevent wood flooring from the role of Alice, on the other hand, has a certain effect of sound insulation. In addition, two or three days ahead of the wooden floor placed in the laying of the interior, so that the wood to adapt to the indoor temperature, but also to prevent wood flooring from scratch.

How to repair the scratched wooden floor?

1, ready to work: must first prepare a soft sweep before restoration, water sand paper crystal floor oil etc..

2, start: find scratches wear wooden floor, the worn wooden floor, first water wet sanding paper soap and water will grind the surface of the wood floor slightly, but do not wear too deep, do not wet the surface of the wood floor, with a dry cloth and wipe the net. If you want to type crystal, first old crystal completely off, light dust suction net with wet sawdust, relatively dry completely erase the old sawdust, wood floor to be completely dry, with a soft brush to the crystal oil evenly on the wooden floor, until a few hours will be completely dry.

3, if the wood floor scratches much (use a wet cloth to wipe a scratch color will deepen and become more obvious), can only be solved by Polish paint, the wooden floor renovation workers looking for processing, with large mechanical grinding, grinding from coarse – – counting procedure, the old wooden floor the paint completely worn away, and the wood floor is polished polished, and then filtered fine tune wood putty Boehner seam, polishing, and polishing brush, brush primer, topcoat two, fix, wooden floor is good than when the new shop. Floor paint must choose professional wood floor paint, so it’s wear resistance, wood floor life long, with ordinary paint words just to look good, but the first half of the year will give a step on the road. Also, because the wood floor paint a large amount of harmful substances, a little bit of the cumulative release, will harm the human body, the light will destroy the body’s immune system makes it easy to get sick, so be sure to use environmentally friendly wood floor paint, water-based paint is the best.

Editor’s summary: about the history of the most complete floor repair introduced here, and I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the family network information.

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