In addition to Oupu level channel business, the other enterprises how to highlight the “selling light” dilemma?

Hello everyone, today by me to share with you.
First of all, I talk about their own business experience, I am the end of 2012 into the line, the beginning of a dealer in Kunshan, Suzhou, a Philips dealer for the job, when the momentum is still the fastest Philips, but also energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamp popular
Time (now seems to be the last brilliant), LED began to germinate (when the price is expensive, mostly in the form of EMC to do the project).

Then the beginning of 2013 the company’s focus began to turn all the LED up, the beginning of the agent is the special You Shi, 13 years to do the main channel.
But the channel did not do a year, although at that time Teyou Shi T8 lamp was only 38 yuan, but the market has been wood Linsen, Huaqiang, Buddha according to several in more than a dozen pieces of LED lamp
, So that time is also very painful, basically no profit at all.
So at the beginning of the year, I suggested that the company adjust the idea, or do the project-based, and concentrate on doing a professional field.
Our company is to do industrial lighting started, we all know, Kunshan is the first six consecutive years of the country’s first county, industrial development, and Kunshan mechanical and electrical installation of many companies (large and small more than 3,000).
Therefore, 14 years ago we are doing industrial lighting, which also led to the fierce competition, coupled with 14 years of the impact of the domestic economic environment (rising labor costs, industrial projects are not so good to take, etc.), industrial lighting this one
Not so good to do, a lot of mechanical and electrical installation company support does not go, Paolu (mechanical and electrical installation company many Taiwanese open), we decided to give up the field of industrial lighting.
I do not know how you feel for this node for 12 years to 14 years.
Then do what? – Business super lighting (not to the supermarket distribution)! At that time, mainly based on two points – supermarket good money, not afraid of his path.
Do not know how to do the first supermarket, and most of the same peer, carrying a T8, a T5 to go door to door to sell.


made more than two months down, summed up a bit.
Most of the owners like to ask these questions: how many watts you lamp? Why people 18-watt lamp than your cheap? Can you cheaper than others? Although also made a few supermarkets, but still the same as before,
Earn money ah, 18W a lamp, can sell more than 30 (earn a four or five pieces) is pretty good.
Sometimes only sell more than 10 pieces of a (I do not know why to do), this is very painful.
I have a family to observe, to see how the supermarket is to do business.
Supermarkets how to do business, sell things, how to sell things, what things to sell (why sell), what things are not easy to sell (why not sell), analysis over and over, and then is to find things to help sell their lighting
The solution.


back and found a professional super manufacturers to do with the lighting and I spent the rest of the time, and made two list, a 70 million, a 30 million, the profit is also very good
And then tell you a difference, before a lamp I sold more than 30, behind a lamp I are more than 100.
Then, in this company done 15 years (15 years I did 500 million, eighty percent are cash business, the end of the year there is no debt), because then we are playing price war, making money really pretty!.. ?? ..
Difficult, there will always be something cheaper than you out.
But I analyze the supermarket, is not what the lights really good to sell Oh.
But the analysis of his supermarket products which are easy to sell, which is not good to sell, and then through the light to make it easy to sell also become easy to sell.
For example, everyone went to the supermarket has not found, where the shelves are the most easily overlooked? Why not humble, those places usually do not have light, people are phototaxic, itself against the wall that row is inconspicuous, but also
No light, no more people will go.
So I was doing a wall washer, in fact, that section of the light is very simple, that is, the transformation of the blackboard lights, specifically against the back of the row of shelves.
Hey, after the supermarket statistics, that row of sales really increased.
I can sell more than 300 sets of wall washer, the normal supermarket trunks will be more than 200 sets.
First of all, in the China Resources Vanguard and the use of the supermarket, the supermarket owner has a habit, like to see Huarun million and RT-Mart, how they do two, those boss how to do.
And then you, this is my previous engineering experience, mainly bedding behind the content, if you are interested in this one can ask me privately.
In addition, I was the owner of the time to do the procurement contract, and did not use the name of the blackboard lamp, but with the continuity of the angle of professional professional wall washer.
Lighting industry in the past, now, the foreseeable future.
In the past we are now more known as the traditional lighting, such as fluorescent lamps, metal halide lights, etc., more lamps and lanterns, this era of product is homogeneous, more like through the channel to do business.
Now it is the era of LED lighting, LED lighting characteristics (controllability), doomed to this industry will have more market segments (the current direction of development is also the case)……????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
The future is the wisdom of lighting, the current market, although the concept of intelligent lighting can be seen everywhere, but basically are some pseudo-concept, the current stage called intelligent lighting more practical.
I do not elaborate on these professional analysis, focusing on now LED lighting.
First day, Evergreen and I said, a friend asked about the popularity of LED lighting knowledge.. ?? ..
I think we encountered the problem and I used to do the same time before the project, is the low price competition, good products do not know how to sell in hand do not know how to sell!

said before the LED lighting will be more sub-section, then so
I would like to give you an example, when it comes to lighting, can now be divided into commercial lighting, home lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting, museum lighting, sports lighting, and then carry out the commercial lighting,
Divided into department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, restaurants, florists and so on.

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