In 2015, China’s coatings should pay attention to ten aspects

[the past 2014 was a bumper year for Chinese coatings companies, and as the price of raw materials dropped sharply, you would be looked down upon if you told others that you didn’t make any money in 2014. With the price of raw materials dropping sharply, in 2015, I believe that China’s coating industry will pay attention to different areas. Will the price of raw material that has dropped substantially still bring great profits to the coatings enterprises? More and more doubtful. I personally think that China’s paint industry will continue to develop forward, but for the development of the transformation is unfolding, the following is my personal view that the Chinese paint in 2015 should pay attention to ten aspects.
First, we must pay attention to the trend of leading enterprises
It is an indisputable fact that the leading enterprises in China’s coatings industry are basically foreign capital. The architectural decoration paint, AKZO NOBEL and Nippon’s dominance has been established; the powder coating, AKZO NOBEL, tiger and Du Banghua Jiazheng leads the market; and the ship paint are all basically talk about the three giants: Jotun, AKZO NOBEL and Haihong; car paint basically see Yishi, PPG and BASF; although the development of private enterprises was soon but, in the field of auto repair influential or PPG, if Akesu Nobel and other foreign companies.
Have been completed in 2014 global internal deep integration of AKZO NOBEL are now taking the energy back to the market, will affect the development of Chinese his every act and every move paint market, especially the building decorative coatings and powder coatings in the field, it is no exaggeration to say that Chinese 2015 architectural decorative coating and powder coating field may change with adjustment of AKZO NOBEL Group R & D and the marketing strategy, we will wait and see.
Second, the concept of environmental protection will run through 2015
In the past year Chinese paint is the most popular water paint, all with environmental protection to speak, I personally think that the concept of environmental protection is omni-directional, gradually reduce the comprehensive use of organic solvent, organic additives, pure natural, biological and inorganic materials in renewable alternative will let us talk about environmental protection have more confidence. If you can paint without organic solvents and organic additives in water paint, you will be regarded as a hero in the industry. You know, most water paint formulations, the amount of organic solvents and additives in excess of 15%, we refer to the water paint here does not include latex paint.
Third, high performance coatings, unique coatings will be the first choice for the development of private enterprises
Although in the past 2014 Chinese paint companies because of sharp decline in raw material prices and achieved good profits, but almost all enterprises are aware of the decent profits difficult to sustain, the product homogenization of serious marketing led to a substantial increase in cost, how to realize the sustainable development to ensure a reasonable profit, avoid excessive homogenization the competition has become a top priority for the enterprises to consider coating. I personally think that Chinese coating development the next focus should focus on radiation curing, powder and water; from a product perspective, high anti fouling coatings, high reflection coatings, ultra-low temperature resistant coatings, high-temperature coatings, anti radiation coating, waterproof coating, anticorrosion coating and steel structure inorganic coating is expected to become the focus of development. Of course, some super rational profit niche coatings will become the first choice of small and medium-sized private enterprises, such as automotive coatings, sewing machine paint, wooden hanger paint, generator insulation paint and so on, after all, compared with the large foreign companies, this kind of paint although profitable, but the amount is too small, not worth their investment, and 2-3 million the size of the market for many small and medium enterprises is still very attractive.
Fourth, the upgrading of equipment is being rolled out on a large scale
To ensure the quality and quality stability of paint production, you must reduce manual handling and operation steps. Gradually realizing the automatic operation and control of the production process is becoming the focus of more and more coating enterprises. For enterprise personnel, the number of employees to reduce the number of enterprises, they dream of laughing, because recruitment difficult to recruit qualified employees more difficult, is plaguing almost all enterprises, personnel departments. With fewer people to produce better quality, more stable products, is becoming the direction of coating production enterprises. Of course, three points paint seven points construction, if you still use artificial way construction, your quality is difficult to guarantee, and experienced teacher Fu ask higher and higher. We expect coatings equipment manufacturers to contribute in this area.
Fifth changes in the distribution model
Personally, I think that the traditional marketing model of paint has come to an end. As an enterprise, you must fully understand and understand the impact and assistance that e-commerce will bring to you. Interactive online and offline, also known as O2O model, with your dealer and end your customers form a mutually beneficial relationship, help you dealers and your customers should always make money through your marketing system.
Sixth do you know the market?
I found that China’s paint enterprises, especially private enterprises in their product publicity above all spare no effort, and compare each other and imitate, through their entire marketing ideas, that is, we say excessive marketing. Some people say that in serious homogenization of products, serious excess capacity today, this marketing model beyond reproach, and willing to spend money, big voice marketing will certainly cause the attention of the market. But I personally think that many companies are beginning to realize that spend more effort to understand the downstream market demand, real demand, characteristics and weaknesses of knowledge and understanding of your competitors will be more effective to improve your marketing ability.
Seventh integration of purchasing and supply chain
In the past 2014, I have issued a document about, paint manufacturing enterprises made money, paint dealers earn money, and for the paint factory raw materials for traders, but few earn money. I don’t think this state will continue, as many coating raw material traders in 2015 will accelerate the transformation, you must find your survival value, many traders may fail to pass the great 2015.
Eighth, capital involvement is helping the development of China’s coatings industry
There are as many as more than 12 thousand manufacturing enterprises in China’s coatings industry, as well as tens of thousands of dealers who depend on these enterprises to survive. 2014 beautiful performance attracted the attention of capital market, many enterprises even paint on cross-border projects, small and medium-sized enterprises on the new board also became fashionable, we expect the 2015 coating industry consolidation and mergers and acquisitions will greatly accelerate. With the help of capital, it is the development direction of this industry to make its own industry chain thick, and form a long-term, stable and win-win relationship with its own raw material suppliers, distributors and key customers. Recently, a coating company has achieved a strategic alliance by exchanging shares with its major clients. In 2015, more large and medium-sized coatings enterprises will carry out IPO, and strive to board and gem, in order to seek the support of the capital market, will be bigger and stronger.
Ninth, professional training is causing great concern in the coating industry
What would happen if you asked someone who didn’t know the paint at all to sell the paint? And most of the sales staff in China’s coatings industry do not understand the paint. The managers of the enterprise have realized more and more do not understand paint is very difficult to carry out differentiated marketing, and one for the procurement cost and raw material market has absolutely no sense of R & D personnel will not help enterprises to effectively control costs, design the best price formula. Our training for employees is striding forward from professional training to stride training. For example, let our sales managers to learn some financial support, so that they understand the endless credit in financial costs is disastrous; and let our sales staff understand and understand the basic situation in the procurement warehousing and transportation, can let them know no conditions to meet customer requirements means that the level of corporate profits greatly reduced; the management of the company from the point of view, even if you have achieved a very high gross margin, also may be required to storage and transportation and the loss of tricky, extended account eat a dry two net; basic knowledge to learn some technical personnel and procurement warehousing certainly, is helpful to control the cost of raw materials, while increasing each raw material varieties, means an increase in the cost of purchasing management, warehouse cost increase.
Tenth, we should pay high attention to the orientation of national policy
Despite the severe environmental pollution in China, our solvent based paint &ldquo has made its contribution to ” but personally, I think it is small compared to other major chemicals and automotive exhaust sources. But our paint manufacturers have to be careful, and the government’s strict environmental regulations are forcing you to move or even close. Accelerating the development of environmentally friendly coatings and processing methods should be your top priority.
2015, for Chinese paint people, should be the beginning of the fundamental transformation of the year, considering your may be in this sharp transition you qualified to survive it?

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