I don’t know how to choose wallpaper. Please take a look at these! Zero

The wallpaper plays an important role in the Home Furnishing space, but space design looks very texture of wallpaper without embellishment, visible wallpaper how wonderful is the power, in the use of a wide range of wallpaper are not desirable, but will be home to need embellishment or need to adjust the local color paste wallpaper, the the final effect is good. Today we’ll see what you want to know about wallpaper selection.

First, understand the manufacturers

Ask the merchant about the wallpaper for more information about the product. Because wallpaper is home improvement building materials in the semi-finished products, so consumers in the purchase of wallpaper, not only to see, listen to businesses say, but also on some specific issues to understand the business clearly. Such as wallpaper production channels, the company where, manufacturers and where?. It is understood that Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shaoxing are the main sources of Chinese wallpaper. In addition, consumers must not forget to ask the customer service service wallpaper matters, such as whether to provide warranty and maintenance etc..

Two, look at the handle and whether it is easy to clean

You can feel, touch, a weigh wallpaper. However, consumers need to pay attention to, not heavy wallpaper quality is better, light is even worse. The weight of wallpaper is only related to paper material, and it doesn’t reflect the quality. Generally speaking. The feel of non-woven paper is very important, soft and delicate, indicating higher density, on the contrary, hard and rough, its density will be lower; flexibility is not easy to break, indicating good quality, and vice versa. At the time of purchase, the merchant can allow, try the wallpaper surface dirt is easy to take care of, the better quality of the wallpaper on the dirt, with wet and dry cloth can be easily removed, this wallpaper is taking care of days after is more convenient.

Three, carefully distinguish colors

In the process of buying wallpaper, first of all to see whether the wallpaper surface color is uniform, pure, this is a test of the consumer’s eyes and feelings of things. It’s not difficult, as long as it feels right. Then look at the pattern, flower pattern, whether it is complete and clear. In the process of looking at the wallpaper, consumers should pay attention to a skill, that is, the wallpaper to stand up to see, or put on the wall to see, it is easier to distinguish.

Four, smell the smell

To tell whether the wallpaper is environmentally friendly because of the smell, because the wallpaper is so small that it doesn’t smell anything, and some bad wallpaper can smell like a pungent smell. Note that some businesses claim their products with aromatic odor, but it is probably because the wallpaper itself with great taste fragrance to cover, so need to pay attention to is this kind of product is likely to be the environmental standards of products.

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