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We often need elevators, but how much do you know about them? Our topic today is the hydraulic elevator. In general, ordinary Elevators use steel ropes to pull the car from above, called traction elevators. With hydraulic, what is hydraulic lift cylinder, from the bottom directly from the top of the car to do the lifting, that is, the hydraulic elevator. Then, what is the principle of hydraulic elevator? We’ll get to know it right away.

What is hydraulic elevator?

Hydraulic elevators (hydrauliclift) rely on hydraulic elevators. Hydraulic elevator is through hydraulic power source, the hydraulic pressure into the oil cylinder, so that the plunger in a straight line movement, directly or through the wire rope to indirectly move the car elevator. Hydraulic elevator is a machine, electrical, electronic, hydraulic integration of products, by the following relatively independent, but also related to the coordination of the system. Pumping station system, hydraulic system, guidance system, car, door system, electrical control system, safety protection system

Hydraulic elevator principle]

1, when the elevator, provided by the hydraulic pump power required to lift upward pressure from the valve to control the hydraulic oil flow of hydraulic pump station, hydraulic oil in hydraulic cylinder piston to drive the car, so as to realize the movement of the lift upward;

2, the elevator down, open the valve group, the use of car weight (customer (cargo) weight) caused by the pressure difference, so that hydraulic oil back into the hydraulic tank, to achieve the elevator down movement (by the valve group control speed).

[characteristics of hydraulic elevators]

I. architectural aspects

1, it is not necessary to set up a computer room with high requirements and high cost.

2, the computer room is easy to set up. The hydraulic drive system is to rely on the tubing to transfer power, so the position can be set in the range from wells within the 20m, and the room occupied area is only 4 ~ 5 square meters.

3, well structure strength requirements are low. Because of the vertical load of the hydraulic elevator, the weight and the load of the car, all of the hydraulic cylinders act on the foundation of the well road, and the construction performance of the top of the well is low.

Two. Technical performance

1, good safety and high reliability.

2, the load capacity is large, the hydraulic elevator is to rely on the principle of hydraulic jack to lift the car, and can use a number of cylinders at the same time to enhance the super heavy car.

3, low noise, hydraulic system can be far from the well set to isolate the noise source.

Three, the use of maintenance

1, the failure rate is low. For the direct acting hydraulic elevator, the structure is simple and the failure rate is low.

2, the rescue is convenient, when the hydraulic elevator is down, the pressure generated by the deadweight is driven. When the power failure or the fault occurs, the emergency relief valve can be opened only to realize emergency rescue.

[hydraulic elevator application]

(1) hotels, office buildings, libraries, hospitals, laboratories, low and middle floors.

(2) garage, car park elevator.

(3) the old house reconstruction project needs to be added, because the reconstruction of the old building is limited by the original structure of the civil engineering, and the hydraulic elevator is the best choice.

(4) classical architecture. Adding elevators to classical architecture can not destroy its appearance and internal style, so it is better to use hydraulic elevators.

(5) shopping malls, restaurants, luxury buildings, the construction of the general use of sightseeing ladder, and many sightseeing elevators, hydraulic straight top drive.

(6) diving platform, oil rigs, ships and other industrial equipment, because these devices are generally not set top load and room,

Summary: the above is a small number of hydraulic elevator on the principle of some data collection, we hope to help.

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