HUAWEI builds a more flexible data center for users

With the rapid development of enterprise information, how to provide the most comfortable and flexible IT experience for each department, it is also the most important problem in the information construction. How to match the most appropriate resources in the shortest time, how can the hands on the utilization of existing resources to maximize, and when the disaster occurred, rapid recovery of business, and meet the global market demand. HUAWEI distributed data center to help users solve this problem.

It can achieve a unified management of a variety of data and architecture easily, and it greatly improves the efficiency of operations and management. For customers, it is undoubtedly a great gospel. The mass in the data processing, the company itself does not require the construction of independent room and hire IT professional staff to accomplish these things, only through the distributed data center of HUAWEI will be able to solve easily.

Unified processing of data, so that the business model of the inter regional center in the process of operation more convenient. The traditional data center facilities of all the architecture, a unified arrangement, by way of physical dispersion and centralized management of logical direction, to achieve the purpose of easy processing of data. So even if the region, time, size is different, but also through the integration of virtualization to ensure the operation. One of the core techniques mentioned in data processing of HUAWEI had to say is – DC, through the operation of the FusionSphere, which allows users to access a variety of services by way of custom. Because the user is in the process of using, is completely by the need to use the way to get, so you don’t have to worry about the physical topology. It opens the way for innovative applications.

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